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You've got a friend in music, a friend in MacPhail!

Covid-19 has turned school music programs upside down. In support of students and educators, MacPhail is providing FREE live online music instruction for all Minnesota K – 12 students. There is magic in music learning and during this unsettling time MacPhail K12@Home is the perfect antidote to coronavirus learning woes.  

MacPhail, in collaboration with the Minnesota Music Educators Association and Perpich Center for Arts Education, has combined its expertise in live online teaching and years of partnering with schools to provide classes.  Students are trying their hand at beat boxing and composing, they are honing their skills on any number of instruments and are even learning calming exercises in mindfulness and music classes.

This past spring, students from 188 schools in Minnesota registered for over 1,000 MacPhail K12@Home classes, for FREE.  Teachers and students alike, loved it.  The classes are back and we want to make sure they are available for all Minnesota students throughout the entire school year.

"My students continue to amaze me, and inspire me from week to week. Together we are finding opportunities for growth through the adversities, strength through these challenges, and most importantly beauty and stability through our music making. In these strange times, I feel most like myself when I am working with my students."  MacPhail Teaching Artist Tamara Gonzalez

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