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Macalester-Groveland is a dynamic neighborhood with bustling streets, local businesses, parks and playgrounds, faith communities, elementary schools and universities. Here, we enjoy bikeways, walkable streets, alley gardens, native gardens, and Saint Paul’s first neighborhood-wide organics recycling program. Our neighborhood is a vibrant mix of families, seniors, business owners, students, renters, and homeowners.

We are proud of our neighborhood and we want to see it continue to thrive; however, we recognize that there is work to do to better serve ALL members of our community. 

In 2020, the Macalester-Groveland Community Council (MGCC) continued to work towards representing all voices of the community:

  • MGCC board and committees have held 43 public meetings in 2020 so far. MGCC meetings are now being held via Zoom and recordings of our board meetings are available on our website!

  • MGCC is supporting local businesses by promoting changes by restaurants, stores, etc. brought on by COVID-19, creating a local business directory, planning community building activities focused on supporting local businesses, and creating opportunities for local business owners to interface with the City of Saint Paul directly. 

  • MGCC is engaging the student voices in our community. We are working with an intern from Macalester College to expand our social media outreach to students and renters. We are actively working to engage students on topics of interest through our committee work, including tenants’ protection and transportation needs in our community. 

  • In 2020, the MGCC Annual Meeting and Elections were held remotely with online and paper ballot options. 800 verifiable ballots were cast! The community elected their representatives for 2020-2023 and approved 2 of 3 potential bylaw changes.

  • We welcomed 6 new community members to our board of directors in 2020. MGCC is always excited to welcome new volunteers and increase the diversity of voices we represent!

  • 930 residents received Alley Garden Awards in 2019! Each year, community volunteers present awards to neighbors helping improve the appearance and safety of the community.

  • Although COVID-19 has made it hard to plan community building activities in person, MGCC has planned community webinars on topics of interest to the community including climate change, gardening, and solar power! 

  • Over 100 community members signed up to participate in Our Community Reads: How to Be an Antiracist, an initiative started and supported by community members. Community facilitators led conversation sessions for two weeks on the book and how we can address racism and racial equity in our own communities.

 Your contributions in 2020 will help us pursue the following initiatives:

  • MGCC staff and volunteers manage the 24/7 Mac-Grove Organics Recycling Drop-off Site year-round, including snow and ice removal in the winter, email updates to registered users, and access to free compostable bags at the MGCC office. Your donations help us keep the site open free of charge year-round as the county pursues plans for compost pick-up. In 2021 we are hoping to make free compostable bags accessible at the organics site! 

  • The “Adopt-a-Stop” Program is a new initiative from MGCC to clear bus stops in Macalester-Groveland of ice and snow in the winter months to make transit more accessible for all community members, especially seniors and persons with disabilities. Based on the well known “Adopt-a-Drain” program, this program would depend on volunteers and community organizations to adopt bus stops in their neighborhood. Your donations will help us plan and pursue this program for 2021!

  • Due to COVID-19, all MGCC meetings are now held via Zoom. In order to keep remote meetings secure, community members are required to request the Meeting ID and password for each meeting. In order to make this process easier for community members and MGCC staff, we would like to use an event registration program to automate this process. Your donations will support the purchase and use of this program! 

  • In 2021, the Community Building Committee would like to explore bringing back community events with social distancing and other safety measures, including Mac-Grove Fest and Frost Fest. Your donations will help us plan these events and provide fun activities for everyone in the community!

We depend on your involvement and financial support to continue this important work! We invite you to increase your involvement in your neighborhood by supporting the Council. Whether it’s participating on the Board, on a committee, volunteering, or monetarily, we welcome your contribution.

Thank you for your dedication to our neighborhood and your support of the Macalester-Groveland Community Council!

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