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What separates MS Focus from other MS organizations is that our focus is on persons living with MS. While other organizations work hard to fund research for a cure, we stand out as the organization devoted to helping those with MS achieve the best lives possible until a cure is found. We provide the support, education, and assistance they need to adapt to MS' many challenges, stay productive and independent, maintain their health and well-being, keep a roof over their heads, and have a safe home environment. This is why MS Focus receives thousands of referrals each year from doctors and other MS organizations.

In 2022 MS Focus filled 94 requests for program assistance in Miami-Dade County. Our quality-of-life programs include: Assistive Technology, providing mobility and safety aids (wheelchair ramps, vehicle hand controls, etc.); Brighter Tomorrow, personalized services not covered under other programs; Cooling Program, cooling aids for heat intolerance; Computer Program, PCs for MS patients, a vital need during the COVID-19 crisis; Emergency Assistance for rent, utilities or other urgent needs to maintain a safe home; Health & Wellness, supporting health and wellness activities; Healthcare Assistance, providing funding for a neurologist visit for the uninsured or prescription co-pays; Homecare Assistance for short-term daily living assistance, caregiver respite, and in-home therapies; and Transportation Assistance to receive needed MS medical treatment.

MS Focus provides these free services:
-MS Focus Magazine and EmpowerSource newsletter (72,000 subscribers)
-A National Toll-Free Helpline English and Spanish
-We Care, We Call: a MS peer counseling program
-Over 170 independent MS Support Groups
-An Outreach Volunteer Program
-An Internet Helpline
-Periodicals & Publications, and a Resource/Lending Library
-MS Focus Radio
-Caregivers' Night Out event
-Public Education & Awareness, including National MS Education & Awareness Month in March and much more!

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MS Focus: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

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