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Record Voter Turnout! We did it! The 2020 election proved what League members already knew: if you make it safe and easy to vote, people will turn out. And turn out they did, in record numbers across the country and here in Minnesota.

This election took everything we had to help educate and empower voters. 2020 has literally felt “ripped from the headlines” — a global pandemic, massive unemployment, racial injustice and unrest. We’ve had to reinvent our work this year to adjust to the challenges. But together, we created our own 2020 headlines that contributed to a stronger democracy as we move into 2021.

Here are the stories behind some of our 2020 headlines... 

  • The pandemic forced us to help voters Vote From Home. Our new web pages and tools about how to vote safely from home had thousands of hits from members and the general public.
  • Tens of thousands of voters turned to our new Vote411 statewide voter guide, which featured over 7,700 candidates running for office in MN and provided links to well over 100 candidate forums conducted by local Leagues.
  • Nearly 20 Youth Civic Engagement Fellows across the state helped us reach hundreds of high school students to register or pledge to vote.
  • We were able to make it easier to vote from home during a pandemic by eliminating the witness signature requirement on your mail-in ballot.
  • But who would have thought we’d also have to defend voters from armed militias at voter polling locations? It seemed surreal at times.
  • We were able to defend democracy through our active participation in the MN Census Mobilization Partnership – and MN was able to claim the highest Census self-response rate in the country!
  • We built a strong foundation for our upcoming legislative priority to eliminate gerrymandering, and to help Minnesota achieve true People Powered Fair Maps for our voting districts.
  • And while our many hopes to commemorate the 19th Amendment were dashed as events were cancelled, we’ve been able to channel the persistence and resilience of our inner suffragists and keep our history alive through online exhibits, events and storytelling.

We truly left it all on the field this year, as we dug deep into our time and resources to help get 3 elections (the new Presidential Primary, and the Primary and General elections), the Census, and the Centennial over the finish line. It’s now time to replenish our reserves to take us into the next big battle for our democracy: the 2021 legislative session, which will include redistricting and big issues like climate change and racial justice. We need you to help us now with our next big headline: Record DONOR Turnout!

Please consider giving generously this year to help as we capture our lessons-learned from 2020, update our strategic plan, and prepare to kick-off our Second Century in 2021 with a strong advocacy agenda. As we’ve all experienced, an informed and empowered citizenry can – and will – defend democracy. We all made a real difference this past year with our headline-making accomplishments. Your ongoing support for the critical work of LWV Minnesota will make it possible for us to fill our reserves and remain on the front lines to empower voters and defend democracy – for all! 

With appreciation,

Laura Helmer, LWVMN President
Michelle Witte, LWVMN Executive Director

P.S. Please help us achieve Record Donor Turnout this year with your critical support at this time. And with every gift of $200 or more, you’ll receive a FREE signed copy of former Secretary of State and League Member Joan Growe’s memoir book, Turnout, just in time for the holidays.

For the above and other 2020 stories, visit: lwvmn.org/press-coverage

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