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Your support will ensure the mission of Les Voyageurs continues to provide this unique and challenging opportunity to youth in Central MN representing over 16 schools.

During the pandemic Les Voyageurs faced many challenges: border crossings, Covid protocols and inflated prices for food and fuel. Yet LVI thrived due to incredible leadership and dedicated guides. These past few years crews ventured to regions of northern Canada, Hudson Bay, the Brooks Range of Alaska and regions of Maine. While other programs around the country had paused, LVI leaned into planning and made all of our trips happen.  Patience and persistence paid off!! 

Les Voyageurs provides young people with an extensive outdoor leadership program that includes an expedition of approximately 30 days into remote regions of central and northern Manitoba and/or Ontario, 200-400 miles North of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. For over 40 years we have been providing our young adult participants with unparalleled wilderness adventure programs which test and expand their physical, mental, social, and psychological abilities.

Every young person has a need to explore his/her abilities as a functioning adult. The wilderness presents unique opportunities for young adults to grow in strength, character, and inward understanding.

By removing a young person from the familiar circumstances of daily life, new perspectives on material goods, interpersonal relationships, and personal worth can be achieved. As a previously unknown world reveals itself, a young person is able to understand, often for the first time, that life is indeed full of wonder, challenge, and opportunities that they can personally unleash.

Challenge and stress are essential elements of true and meaningful growth. By experiencing the inevitable failures of expedition life, the young person is able to distinguish between failure and defeat. He/she learns that failure is not a measure of person, but rather a temporary obstacle which, with a new plan and renewed resolve, will be overcome.

At the same time each young person learns that what may be a deficiency for one may be an asset for another. Each person is unique and to be respected for who they are. Participants come to realize that they possess the power to accomplish a great deal as individuals, but they also learn that a cooperating group can accomplish a great deal more.

Thank you so much for your support of Les Voyageurs!  

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