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LRAP Minnesota is a nonprofit helping legal aid attorneys repay their student loans until they reach Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

By helping reduce the education debt burden experienced by dedicated public interest lawyers (who represent low-income clients seeking legal services to secure essential needs like food, shelter and safety, and fundamental rights like equal access to justice) we ensure that skilled and dedicated advocates are here to serve the low-income people who need them most. 

The chaos at the federal level--where 98% of people applying for PSLF are denied--has underscored the importance of programs like LRAP Minnesota.  As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2021 (and our two recipients who achieved forgiveness this year, Anna Beadle and John Phung) we ask you to help us continue our work. So that our recipients can continue theirs. 

Former recipient Sarah Davis, now Executive Director of The Legal Rights Center, received PSLF in 2018 after 10 years of student loan payments from LRAP Minnesota.  In the video below, Sarah describes LRAP as a "critical program to support effective advocacy" for low-income clients. 



If you donate $30 or more in honor of our 30th anniversary, make sure we have your address to send a bar of LRAP Minnesota's 30th Anniversary lavender and spearmint Public Interest Soap, created by Amicus Soap Co. (while supplies last).  

Photo of LRAP Minnesota 30th Anniversary lavender and spearmint soap, with a wooden table in the background.

Thank you for your support in any amount, to help us ensure that skilled and dedicated advocates are here to serve the low-income people who need them most.


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