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Our mission is to transform our community by helping churches help people and helping people come to Christ.

We help churches in our community to create a cross-denominational network to pool resources to help people in need.  We help our clients to connect to the people of Christ and ultimately to Christ Himself.

Our partner churches provide means to come alongside those in our neighborhoods who are struggling.  We give the hand UP instead of the handOUT.  Love INC Crystal/NewHope looks for root causes of the struggle and assists our clients to rise out of their situation to a place of more stability.

We think that the worst result of poverty, whether it's long-term or short-term, is loneliness.  Disenfranchisement.  Separation.  People in this situation feel like they're alone.  We seek to change that by connection to real people, people like YOU.  The human connection creates relationship---and relationship changes everything.

One example is a client we'll call Desmond.  She escaped sexual mutilation and persecution in her home country in Africa.  She recently had her second child and we are helping her with supplies she needs to raise her children as a single mother.  Desmond has a responsible job as a personal care attendant.  When she is able, she'll return to work and be able to provide for her family.  Her needs are short-term and we are happy to help.  In the meantime we're getting her family connected to one of our partner churches.

Another example is 'Joan.'  Joan has received help as a client of Love INC Crystal/NewHope in the past and recently has become a volunteer in providing help to others in need.  In her way, she has come full-circle from RECEIVING assistance to PROVIDING assistance.  THAT'S the story of recovery that we seek to duplicate all over our community.

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