Living Earth Center

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Living Earth Center seeks a sustainable future for all through education, advocacy, and collaboration among all spiritual traditions and diverse cultures. 

In upholding its values, Living Earth Center fulfills its mission by connecting with people and the community in the following ways:

  • Living Earth Community Garden

    Located on the former farm site of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the Living Earth Garden provide a beautiful organic space where neighbors and family can gather, grow food, and nurture a self-sufficient empowered community. We are proud to bring immigrants and long-time residents together on common ground.

  • Education and Spiritual Enrichment Programs and Events

    Living Earth Center provides opportunities where minds can be opened, ideas can be shared, and growth can take place through series of workshops, events, and conferences offered throughout the year. Honoring all spiritual traditions and paths, Living Earth Center also holds gatherings to honor seasonal transitions with ritual and reflection.

  • Advocacy and Networking

    Seeking systemic change on a local, state, national and global level, Living Earth Center networks, collaborates and cross-pollinates with other organizations in solidarity with issues of sustainability and equality. Living Earth Center contributes to an advocacy alert network to inform stakeholders and encourage action to change public policy to reflect a sustainable, equitable future for all.

  • Resource Center and Lending Library

    Living Earth Center provides a lending library of books, videos, and DVD’s on subjects ranging from earth spirituality to organic gardening and food preservation. Canning and food preservation equipment can also be rented free of charge.

  • Meeting and Gathering

    Living Earth Center’s Community Garden and a three season restored historic barn provide a relaxing space available for meetings, presentations and workshops. If you are interested in renting out the barn space for a gathering or meeting, please call 507-389-4272 or email

Like a healthy eco-system, we believe that everyone has something important and valuable to offer to our local and greater Earth community. We believe in bringing people with different backgrounds and strengths together to share common ground over food, learning and story-telling. We invite you to join us in celebrating nature's abundance and honoring our shared resilience and responsibility in the interconnection of everything.

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