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Which everyday cancer problem will we fix today?

The Livestrong Foundation believes that we can only achieve the best solutions by asking the right questions. We ask survivors and caregivers what they need, we ask the system how it can be more person-centered, we ask innovators how we can bring impossible ideas to life.


For almost 25 years, through partnership and collaboration, Livestrong has been a leading voice for people affected by cancer and has supported more than 9.3 million cancer survivors and their loved ones.  We have raised $580+ million for cancer programs and services, and funded 589 organizations through our community program initiatives. Today, Livestrong has shifted the cancer survivorship paradigm by focusing on the person, not the disease. In doing so, we communicate with the entire cancer community to make sure Livestrong is addressing the needs of this ever-growing population of 16.9 million cancer survivors.

Our partners in the fight against childhood cancer are Hopecam Inc., and The Cure Starts Now Foundation. Hopecam’s mission is to overcome the social isolation experienced by children diagnosed with cancer through the use of tablets, laptops, and internet technologies to connect the child with his or her school. The Cure Starts Now Foundation’s mission is to educate and aid families battling cancer with patient-centered programs focusing on facilitating continued interaction between school and patients through the Monkey In My Chair program.

The Connecting Children Impacted by Cancer (CCIC) Collaborative is a three-way nonprofit partnership that provides cancer education, technology, and social support to children ages 5-15 years (grades K-9) across America. Each year, approx. 16,000 U.S children are diagnosed with cancer. Treatment often limits their ability to attend school, causing isolation from their friends. During this time, the child’s classmates may not understand what cancer is or how to talk about this unfamiliar – but common – subject. The Connecting Children Impacted by Cancer (CCIC) Collaborative demystifies cancer and unites children and schools. 

The program features: 

  • Educational materials for teachers so children can learn the facts about cancer and how they can support those affected by cancer;
  • All the technology needed for a child and their school to connect virtually;
  • A “monkey kit” that includes a life-sized stuffed monkey that sits in the child’s classroom chair.

CCIC collage

One in every five schools has a child in treatment for cancer. Research conducted by Marjorie E. Korff through the PACT Program found a growing need to provide school teachers with tools and resources to talk about cancer in their classrooms in an age-appropriate and empowering manner. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is important to keep the child connected to school and friends. Research shows that children who felt more supported by their classmates during cancer treatment were “less depressed, less anxious, and had higher self-esteem” than children who did not feel supported by classmates. 


The collaborative focuses on serving Title 1 schools (over 46,000 nationwide) – where children from low-income families make up at least 40 percent of enrollment. We provide for free all technology and Wi-Fi equipment, monkey kits, and educational materials to families, teachers, and schools. The provision of technology helps bridge the digital divide. The provision of monkey kits helps decrease the loneliness and anxiety children experience during this frightening time. The provision of cancer educational materials helps address the lack of trusted resources and their accessibility for children.

The total cost of the CCIC Collaborative is $330,000, which serves approx. 3,600 classmates, 150 children impacted by cancer, and 150 teachers throughout the 2021-2022 school year (September-May).


Livestrong, Hopecam, and The Cure Starts Now have been partners since 2020. Independently, each organization continues to reach children, schools, and pediatric hospitals nationwide. This three-way collaboration provides children with the opportunity to learn and ask questions about cancer, in addition to helping manage their social-emotional health. We are excited to connect children, ages 5-15 years, impacted by cancer to their schools through cancer education, technology, and social support. We appreciate your donation to support the Connecting Children Impacted by Cancer (CCIC) Collaborative.

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