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Gifts will assure that individualized compassionate care to terminally ill patients, their families and friends, will continue.

Dealing with the final days and death of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations we all face. Whether it is a spouse, parent, sibling, child or friend--the situation can be frightening as well as painful. We all enter this world in a loving environment full of joy and love and should leave this world surrounded by the same love and compassionate care, in a respectful, peaceful environment. 

NC Little Hospice opened in 1996, dedicated to providing that loving care to patients, their families, and friends. Nestled in a quiet Edina neighborhood, this double bungalow has remained a home--not a facility--but truly a home. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic, our new families are looking for a safe place for their loved ones to be cared for with skill, compassion, and respect in their final days or for respite. We have made changes and continue to evaluate how to best protect patients, family members, staff, and volunteers from exposure to COVID-19.

Even though we are limiting the number of bedside visitors, we have seen heartwarming reunions of family members who have not been together for months. 

To maintain safe accommodations for our patients and their loved ones, we are currently capping our available rooms at 6 instead of 8 so there are no shared bathrooms.

What families and friends have said:

"Words simply cannot express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your tender care. It gives us such peace of mind knowing how loved and cared for she felt in her last few weeks of life. Every person who helped to care for her or who just stopped in to visit was so compassionate and kind to all of us in her room and even to the family members outside her window."

"Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our dad. His last days were peaceful and the time we spent with him will be forever in our memories." 

"The last few months of my wife's illness were so difficult for me and our children. Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable place those last weeks. "

 "My friend's cat, Maggie, was so important to her. Thank you for allowing those many kitty visits during her final days. And, as I promised my dear friend, Maggie is now living with me. A sweet memory of our long-time friendship."  

And from one of our hospice volunteers,  "I was crying as I left Little Hospice today. As I was volunteering in the kitchen, I listened as a family sang to their grandmother in a loving display of affection. Thank you for being here and for allowing me to part of this caring team."

While much has changed in the world, our renowned loving, compassionate, and skilled care for our patients, families, and friends remains our strong foundation.

If you are able, please make a donation to our mission of providing loving care to the terminally ill and those who need respite. If you are unable to donate at this time, please help us by sharing our mission with others.

We pray that you and your loved ones stay safe for the brighter days that will come. 

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Staff and Volunteers at Little Hospice

P.S.   For 2020, our Memorial Service and Lighting of our Tree of Remembrance will be recorded in advance and posted on our web site, beginning Sunday, December 6. Our tree will have a light for each person who has died at Little Hospice--over 5000 lights will  brighten the night as loved ones are remembered.

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