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Lions United Fitness Center is a new inclusive training facility. All are welcome here at Lions United but we specialize in working with individuals with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and other physical and intellectual disabilities. May 4th, 2020 was Lions United's First Birthday, and The Pride was not fortunate enough to be able to celebrate because of the mandatory Stay At Home Order. For many of these athletes, this is their outlet. Lions United is the one place where our athletes can come and actually be themselves. This is a place where they can grow, a place they can socialize, a place where they can learn, and a place where they can ROAR! Outside of Lions United, these brave athletes may be wearing many different labels because of the way they walk, talk, and act, but a Lions United, each and every PERSON that comes through the door is treated like a professional athlete. Disabilities are left at the door. They simply do not exist here. We aren't a playground or some day program that just goes through the motions. We are a place where individuals come to get better. Period! We are preparing our Lions for Battle. We are much more than the eyes may see though. At Lions United your eyes may just see equipment all over the place, but we are so much more than a gym. Coach Andy says, "My mission is simple. I just want to help my Lions become the best versions of themselves. I love helping people. PERIOD! What your brave warriors may think is "impossible," I guide them on the right path to achieve the "I'm Possible" Attitude...the Lion Attitude."  Andrew Cameron, Lions United Founder and Head Coach has a philosophy that the life inside of a gym can dramatically improve the life outside of the gym. From the many different training programs that Coach Andy offers, it doesn't stop there. Motivation, encouragement, leadership, courage, following directions, sportsmanship, gratitude, and confidence are just a few traits that Coach Andy passes off to his Lions. Lions United serves the top 1% of adaptive athletes in Minnesota. The athletes that come here want to be the best version of themselves and Coach Andy is determined to make that happen. Coach says, "it's all about making a connection. A lot of these athletes just need someone who cares and doesn't just see a disability. Once a connection is made, and you add a little bit of love, and some patience...then we can do anything." Welcome to the Lions Pride! Many people get hit by life but they never hit back. Lions United has been knocked down by COVID-19, and we are trying to get back up, but we need your courage and we need your confidence. There's a Lion inside all of us. Our Lion is currently locked in its cage. We hope you can find it in your hearts, to believe in our Lions like we do, and let them out of their cage. They are strong, they are powerful, and they are DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. Please donate if you can.   Meet Coach Andy!

Denzel Washington once said, "The most selfish thing you can do in this help someone else. Why is it selfish? Because, gratification, the goodness that comes to you." 

The good feeling... the good feeling that Coach Andy get's from helping others, he stated, "Nothing is better then that." Not the nice cars, or the big house, or big bank account. It's the joy...that's where the joy helping others. That's where the success is. And Coach Andy's joy comes from working with some of the bravest warriors in the world.

And You never have to worry about Coach Andy...because he promises that, "We will always get a workout in." Check out this video to see what Coach Andy is doing with his Lions during the Stay At Home Order.

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