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At Lifeworks, we are advancing disability inclusion because people with disabilities want to be part of our communities, but our communities are not welcoming. Lifeworks clients have been turned away from community centers and parks and questioned when they are at shopping centers and coffee shops. This is not how we should treat our neighbors.

Community-wide change is needed. That's why we developed our Listen. Educate. Navigate.™ disability inclusion trainings. Lifeworks has seen that when people are educated, the impact on the lives of people with disabilities is significant, but this education is not funded by any government benefit or service and we need your support.

When the community invests in disability inclusion, people with disabilities are able to access programs and services and fully experience their communities and work spaces. Maryann, Peter, Raymond, and Lorenzo are examples of success when communities have been educated and are welcoming to people with disabilities. 

This year,

Maryann earned recognition as Employee of the Month at her first independent job after many years in contracted positions.

Peter celebrated 25 years of building relationships in his community while receiving services at Lifeworks Apple Valley.

Raymond earned a promotion at The Home Depot as an Appliance Specialist, leading direct customer sales in his department.

Lorenzo focused on doing more of what he and his family value because he connected to self-directed services at Lifeworks.

Your gift today funds the work it takes for Lifeworks to increase our reach and train more businesses, communities, and organizations on disability inclusion, making the world more welcoming to people with disabilities.

More about Lifeworks Services, Inc.

For 58 years, Lifeworks has been a champion for disability inclusion. As one of Minnesota’s largest and most stable nonprofits, Lifeworks advocates for self-determined support, careers with competitive wages, and developing innovative opportunities that enhance everyday lives.

Through our work:

  • Lifeworks honors each individual’s choices and goals.
  • Lifeworks provides culturally appropriate services supporting a variety of communication styles, translating materials into many languages, and hiring native speakers. 
  • Lifeworks offers virtual support and digital tools to meet each individual where they are at.
  • Lifeworks employs expert staff skilled in listening first, solving complex situations, and navigating regulations.
  • Lifeworks is a nonprofit founded by families focused on advocacy and
     removing barriers.
  • Lifeworks maintains a low administrative overhead cost, and is supported by our community through grants, individual donations, and sponsorships (in addition to government dollars.)

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