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LegalWise is an affordable legal network dedicated to providing support, service, and education.

How Can You Help? 

Minnesota faces a large Justice Gap. There are “legal deserts” in both urban and rural areas of the state that lack lawyers to provide the needed legal services. There are also large sections of the population who have urgent legal needs but cannot access or afford the traditional legal system. 

At LegalWise, we believe in sound, honest advice and offer accessible and affordable support to those who need it most—regardless of where they are on their legal journey. Whether they are a new lawyer just starting out, or a client who needs legal services but can’t afford the traditional approach, LegalWise provides honest advice and affordable support.

Your donation makes all the difference, to supporting people 
need and the lawyers who help them.

At LegalWise Our Goal is Twofold:

To provide access to quality legal representation for those who need it most—regardless of income or ethnicity, and to support entrepreneurial lawyers starting or running a solo or small practice. 

Why this matters. Both of these experiences often require additional resources to navigate. We believe we are better able to meet your needs because we’ve been there. Whether you need guidance on how to address a client’s legal needs or expertise to establish a new practice, LegalWise is here for you.

What LegalWise Lawyers Do:

  • Provide Legal Support – We connect individuals to a lawyer for one-on-one consultations, advice, and representation. 
  • Work Within Their Budget - Our lawyers offer flat fees, sliding-scale fees, and unbundled legal services so that individuals can address their specific needs within their budget. 
  • Collaborate – Noone should have to be in a legal situation alone. Once connected with a lawyer through LegalWise, we work together on the best course of action and how to divide the work. It’s a team effort. 
  • Assist Virtually– Both in-person and virtual meetings are available.  

LegalWise operates as a 501 (c) (3) corporation, and thus donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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