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Legacy Family Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is to address unmet social and educational needs of children and their families with emphasis on West African immigrant communities through partnerships and collaborations with the wider community.

Legacy Family Center has been serving children and families for six years through partnerships with families and the wider community to connect children and families to resources to meet their needs. This year's pandemic will make education for children and families difficult, but it will have disastrous effects on immigrant children because of the tripling of intersections. One, navigating technology, two understanding online education and more importantly, consistency and maintaining connections to education systems.

Legacy Family Center embarked on a literacy initiative to help children maintain consistent connection to education and support families in navigating technology, while supporting children and families understand online education to exceed. 

We ask for your support with the literacy initiative because the funds donated will provide a stipend to youth leaders, who will be ones supporting young children and families to successfully navigate those intersections. 

 Thank you for your support! 


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Legacy Family Center

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