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Serving reservation animals and the people who love them.

Leech Lake Legacy is an animal welfare organization for the benefit of animals and their owners on Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota.

Formed in 2011 to address the placement and transport needs of animals in the local impound, the programs of Leech Lake Legacy have grown and expanded to improve the health Leech Lake Reservation's companion and community animals through subsidized wellness and spay/neuter services, and to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals by placing them with and transporting them to partner shelters and rescues.  We operate out of our own building in Cass Lake, Minnesota, acquired in March 2020.  Our roots are firmly planted in Cass Lake on Leech Lake Reservation.

Surrender & Transport:   Stray and surrendered animals are entrusted to us for placement with and transport to partner shelters and rescues.  Those partner shelters and rescues arrange for adoption.  Over 16,700 animals have found their way to new homes via weekly transports!  Sick or injured animals in our Surrender & Transport program receive veterinary care if needed before being delivered to our partner shelters and rescues.  And because we can do more for animals by working together, we coordinate our Surrender & Transport efforts with surrounding communities so that we can make the most use of our resource. 

Wellness:  Subsidized wellness services are available for the companion and community animals of Leech Lake Reservation.  Exams, vaccines, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, nail trims, and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries are all available during our Wellness clinics.  Veterinarians and veterinary technicians volunteer their time and talents, which we supplement with donated and purchased supplies and medications.  With the aid of new clinic software, we now operate wellness by appointment.  Over 6,600 patients have been seen in our Wellness clinics!  

Spay/Neuter:  Subsidized spay/neuter services are available for the companion and community animals of Leech Lake Reservation.  Surgery patients receive exams and vaccines, and enjoy the benefits of sterilization, which include no more litters, reduction of certain cancers and disease, and reduction of some unwanted behaviors.  With some additional dedicated grant money, we've also held three TNR (trap-neuter-return) clinics for feral and community cats.  With the donation of a mobile spay/neuter unit from Animal Humane Society in 2021, volunteer veterinarians and veterinary technicians now perform spay/neuter surgeries on site, by appointment, on our own schedule.  We made significant investments in mechanical repairs, and equipment and supplies, and as a result. we held our very first very own spay/neuter clinic in April 2021.  So far, 3,385 surgeries have been performed, 274 of them on our own mobile spay/neuter unit.   This is an incredible achievement for Leech Lake Legacy!

Week in, week out, our volunteers gather, transport, and distribute donated pet food and supplies.  They clean crates and wash linens.  They travel far and commit much of their free time to make sure each clinic and event is as successful as possible, and we are very grateful for the support of our friends at Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Leech Lake Tribal Police, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Animal Care Clinic, and all our partner shelters and rescues!

Mission:  Leech Lake Legacy is an animal welfare organization that empowers Native American communities to enrich the lives of animals by providing resources and sharing information.

Vision: We envision a world where every reservation dog and cat is well cared for.

Core Belief: Leech Lake Legacy believes that by working together and collaborating with a larger network of animal welfare organizations in Minnesota, we will be able to do more for the animals and the pet owners of Leech Lake Reservation.

Together, we can do amazing things.  Together, we can save lives.  Together, we can make a difference.  Donate today!

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