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A big thank you to our LCM Friends that pooled their funds to create a $7,000 match: Four Anonymous Alumni, Jon and Ruth Buuck, Paula Carlson and Thomas Schattauer, Tammy and Jay Dahlvang, Yvonne and Milton Datta, Carolyn Winters Folke, Al Fox, Connie Fust, Anne Gerrietts, Cathy Jenny, Allan Negstad, Stan and Nancy Olson, St Philip the Deacon, Barbara and Robert Thomasson, Rev. Kathryn A Tiede, and Bob & Lois Troemel.

AND, THANK YOU for supporting Lutheran Campus Ministry-Twin Cities! Your support is more important than ever! In addition to having most of their classes and social activities online, students are reckoning with the institutional and interpersonal impacts of white supremacy, maneuvering a divisive political climate, living through a pandemic, watching skyrocketing mental illness among their peers, wondering about the world they will inherit, and all of this while balancing the transitions that come with learning to navigate the world away from their home of origin. If this year of uncertainty is teaching us anything at LCM, it's that there is reason to trust in God, and to trust in God's call to this ministry. We’ve re-discovered the simplicity of a ministry of presence, service and Word and Sacrament. As we pare down and slow down, we notice and delight in God’s gifts, taking the time to be present for one another and exploring ways to connect with God, to root into God's love and to share that with our neighbors near and far.


Grounded in Christ, we live out our faith through service, justice, curiosity, integrity and hospitality.

Lutheran Campus Ministry-Twin Cities is an instrumental presence on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, and in students’ lives. It occupies a unique place, particular in its commitment to Jesus Christ, and still open to the doubter, the seeker, and those on the margins of the campus. Rooted in grace, the community of LCM-TC lives out its faith through curiosity, hospitality, integrity, service and justice.

As our ministry grows (whether it's on campus or from a distance), so does our ability to extend God’s love and care to the broader community, and provide opportunities for students to serve as leaders among their peers and in the community.

Thank you all!

   Hear a few words from Pastor Kate and LCM Alumni

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