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Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center, Inc. opened its doors in June of 1964 as a mission of Minnesota's Southwest district of the Methodist church.  At that time the building housed 104 residents.  Additions were added as the needs arose.  In 1986 and independent senior housing was built offering 42 spacious apartments, called Maplewood Residence. Therapy services were offered beginning in 1997.  In 2000, a 24-apartment assisted living was built called, Woodland Manor, as well as the Chapel.  IN 2017, space was leased to include a childcare on our campus to provide the benefit of intergenerational relationships and fill a community need.  

Throughout the years, we've continued to care for you and your loved ones, and in 2018, Lakeview became the only skilled nursing care center in Fairmont, MN.

In 2019 we began looking ahead to the future, and recognized the demands of seniors now and in the future were growing.  Baby boomers are rapidly approaching the need for more and more services, and we know that their desires and requirements for what they look for in their services has grown.  

In 2020 we began the construction of our new state-of-the-art nursing home and moved in January of 2021.  Our design our new building was built with the "Neighborhood Concept."  This concept encourages companionship and sociability among residents and staff.  A more homelike, warm, person-centered environment and lifestyle was created. Residents have more availability to make their own choices and remain in control of their lives.  Daliy activities, even as basic as dining options can be more spontaneous, varied and available.  A greater level of comfort and dignity is being offered by our creation of private rooms in the homey, neighborhood style of living.  This affords everyone the same opportunities and better meets the demands of residents and their families now and in the future, ensuring Lakeview has a place in our community for many years to come. 

In 2017 or town's only childcare center was given notice they would need to leave their current space-which would have potentially leave 75 children without childcare in a community already short of 80 plus childcare spots.  Lakeview Methodist stepped up to the plate and found them space within our campus to rent. 

Current focus of fundraising: 

Within our new building, additional square footage has been dedicated for child daycare.  The modern, well-equipped, spacious, and child-embracing space we have planned has only thus far the shell of the exterior and utilities completed, and additional funding is required to finish the interior to become a working environment.  Getting the childcare moved into this space we have planned will assure us that this collaboration remains solidly and unquestionably in place as part of Lakeview's campus. 


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