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You can help us replace despair with hope; loneliness with support; and brokenness with strength and wellness.

Lakes Crisis & Resource Center is an all-encompassing, nonprofit, community organization committed to serving men, women, and children in Becker County and surrounding communities get to safe places and healthier relationships in their lives.   

We provide front line, immediate support and ongoing services to victims directly affected by general crime, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We answer the questions, “What do I do?”  “Who do I talk to?” Our advocates are in their corners for whatever they have to do to get better.  We also have Mary’s Place for women and children needing safe shelter.

 Our many services and programs are not only designed to address immediate needs of those facing trauma, but also to help individuals work towards a positive path of mental health through our counseling services, along with youth and adult support groups. We help build family wellness through our Positive Connections supervised parenting time, and introduce kids to positive adult relationships through our Kinship program. 

 We have been so very fortunate that the annual Give to the Max Day has been hugely successful for LCRC. This is due, in part, to BTD Manufacturing’s offer to match donation, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 during this event! By matching your gift, BTD multiplies your commitment to improve the lives of those we serve.  BTD, an economic pillar in our area, exemplifies community benevolence by being so generous in their support of the programs and services we can provide for men, women, and children of all ages. 

 Thank you for making it possible to continue our work through your financial support. On behalf of all staff, board, and clients -- we are immensely grateful!

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