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Dreaming BIG at LNCS Keewaydin

At Keewaydin everyone learns every day. The Keewaydin Campus (grades 3-8) 400 students and a staff of talented teachers who are dedicated to helping each child reach their potential. The students and families of LNCS are fortunate to have a fantastic PTA and Site Council that supports and guides the school.

We are dreaming BIG with our partnerships and programs:
Art  Art Adventure • Urban Debate  School Patrol • History Day • Computer Technology Lab  ESL Program: Spanish  Gifted/Talented Program  AVID Community Education • Music (Instrumental)  Math Counts  Physical Education Spanish Language Support  Special Education  Spelling Bee  Student Council Student Recognition Days  Extended Day Activities (Crosstown Eagles Club, ALC, ESL Support, Math and Reading Support, Spanish)  STARbase

Our goal for Nov. 13th is $5000!

Your donations will mean the world to us!

We have a plan for how we will use these funds if we can make our goal:

$500: “The art program at Keewaydin is growing along with our new building. We now have a kiln! However, after buying enough clay for only one project per student, we have no money left for glaze, paint, pencils, oil crayons, chalk pastels or construction paper. We could create so much more with more funds. Artistic expression is crucial to the development of every student and your generous donation could help make art happen!” ~Katrina Croft, Art teacher at Keewaydin

$4000: "We desperately need funds to pay for Eagle Bluff. It is an environmental camp for sixth graders and costs about $100 per student. We have half of our students who receive Free/Reduced Meals who cannot afford it." ~Martha Spriggs, Principal at Keewaydin

$500: Keewaydin is gaga for GaGa Ball! The benefits of “free play” for young people are overwhelming. Unfortunately the opportunities for participation in “free play” have been limited for a number of different reasons. I believe it is important for adults to structure safe “free play” opportunities for children. Mathias O”Brien, Physical Educator “Gym Guy” is working to bring GaGa Ball to our school. The students are excited about the possibility. He has already pulled together some of the resources but needs this to get started.

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