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Dedicated to empowering young women in Haiti to become independent and contributing members of their communities.

Founded in 1997, Kòt a Kòt began as a way to care for six young girls in Southern Haiti, and until recently was known as Providence Ministries. Our goal was simple: to provide resources so that these girls could be raised in a loving Haitian family while maintaining ties to their families of origin and surrounding communities. Along the way we raised money for education projects, medical initiatives and partnered with other organizations in need. We helped fund wells and latrines and classrooms. We also briefly participated in relief work in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. But our primary concern has always been these particular girls. 

Kòt a Kòt is a Haitian Creole phrase that means “Side by Side”. As the children have matured into young women, they have taken a greater ownership of their lives and their future. More and more, we are walking side by side with them rather than leading them as little children. They are dreaming dreams of the next steps after they complete high school. For some of them, this will mean college. For others, it may mean trade school. A few of them have even dreamed of one day caring for children the way that they have been cared for.

We have changed our name to Kòt a Kòt remind us that the children are no longer children. They are growing into partners and we want to empower them for what lies ahead. As we begin this next chapter we’ll be raising funds to provide college tuition and other new expenses. We’re grateful to all the people who have walked with us kòt a kòt along the way, and we hope you’ll walk with us just a little further to witness the unfolding of these beautiful lives.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about the work we are a part of in Haiti.

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