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WE ARE ONE FAMILY & A PLACE TO BELONG for adoptees & their families and we share the good news of renewal and wholeness in Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to Korean Adoptees Ministry Center (KAM Center)! 

KAM Center is A PLACE TO BELONG for 150,000+ Korean Adoptees in U.S., 15,000 in Minnesota and 50,000 in Europe.,  
Your donation will help to support for this ministry to embrace them by building together for "WE ARE ONE FAMILY!" network  

In this way, most of 200,000 Korean Adoptees will find A PLACE TO BELONG-WE ARE ONE FAMILY!  

Korean Adoptees Ministry Center exists to hear the voices of adoptees and their families, to meet adoptees' needs and to share the good news of healing, renewal and wholeness in Jesus Christ. No matter what background you are from, your voices will be heard and you will find a place for you in our caring and loving community. 

Here are some comments from people who participated the programs and activities of this ministry:

  • "Does the power of prayer work? It did for me.  That is one reason why I will continue participating in the monthly Spiritual Discovery meetings.  There may be many other blessing for myself and others, yet to come." - Susan, 39 years old
  • "It has been a long time since I felt so welcomed and loved. Thank you for sharing your love."  - Chris, 35 years old
  • "I was Mourned; I was Comforted by God's Love through The Korean Christians We Met." - Candace, 27 years old
  • "Pastor Park leads one of the most unique and specifically targeted ministries I have ever come across.  His ministry is also one of the most effective. . . .Pastor Park's ministry seems to be the 'one very rare, very specific' prescription. . .and through his obedience to God, he has changed more lives than one could count," - Daniel, 27 years old
  • "His (Daniel's) story was amazing and such a blessing to the whole congregation!  God spoke to him, provided for him, began to heal his heart and transform his thoughts regarding his former attitude towards Koreans in general, his birth parents, and even the idea of adoption.  Most importantly for him, the churches and homestay families in Korea served as real life examples of God's agape love and he was able to truly know and experience the Father heart of God." - Rev. Mimi Kim, Daniel's pastor
  • As a mother of a Korean adoptee who benefited tremendously through the three weeks (of Spiritual Journey to Korea and Inner Healing Retreat), I urge the churches to take part in this urgent mission for Korean Adoptees so that all 200,000 of them can experience what my daughter did.  The Spiritual Journey program offers the missing cultural and spiritual links to Korean adoptees that are crucial in their self-understanding and confidence as both Korean and American.  Their silenced pain throughout the development cannot be healed without cultural and spiritual immersion experiences that KAM Center provides. The Center’s mission has transformed and impacted precious lives of Korean Americans!!! For these reasons, we are forever grateful for the outcome of the mission we continues to witness in our daughter, Raia Hertig. – Rev. Young Lee Hertig, Ph. D., adoptee’s mother 

Your generous donations make these people having experiences of God’s agape love through the Koreans they met and sharing the above testimonies. Together we can build a place to belong as well as to build a bridge between an adoptive community and a Korean community.

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Shalom in Christ, 

Rev. Sung Chul Park

Executive Director

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