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Since we were founded in late 2018, Kitty Revolution’s mission has been to help the unwanted, the misunderstood, the less-than-perfect cats and kittens in our communities.

Since 2018, we've taken in over a thousand cats - 1051, to be exact. In 2021, our operating budget was $127,000. We took in 153 cats that year. In 2022, we grew to $205,000. We were able to take in 259 cats as a result. We grew by 59%! 

We don’t shy away from the cats whose spirits have been broken, who have forgotten or maybe never learned how to trust, the ones with serious medical needs and chronic illnesses. We’re the bridge between their past and their future – no matter how long it takes.

Sebastian is our 2024 Spokeskitty. Each year we choose a cat that embodies who we are as a rescue. Sebastian certainly  puts a spotlight on what this rescue is. We're a rescue who does everything we can for our cats. 

Sebastian was two days old when he came to Kitty Revolution back in 2021. Because Sebastian was so young without a mother, he had to be bottle fed until he could eat on his own. When he was older, he was introduced to other kittens his own age. Ultimately, he was adopted with two of those friends. It was a wonderful storybook ending. Fast forward a year and a half. His adopters asked his former foster caregiver to babysit. While babysitting, his caregiver noticed that he wasn’t eating and was vomiting. He was super thin. She asked the adopters for permission to take him to the vet. Once at the vet, they discovered that Sebastian was super sick. His kidney values were off the charts! He was rushed to the ER vet where he stayed for almost a week. It was pretty touch and go for awhile.

Sebastian’s ER bill was over $5,000. That’s a hefty sum for someone to pay. When we adopt out one of our cats, our contract says that we will always take our cats back, regardless of the reason. It doesn't matter if everything under the sun is wrong with them. We will always take our cats back. They couldn’t afford his ER bill - and even if they could, the vet wasn’t sure about Sebastian’s medical future. Would he need more overnight stays at the ER? Would he be sickly for awhile? The uncertainty of future medical bills loomed. With heavy hearts and a lot of tears, the adopters made the decision to return Sebastian. It was not an easy decision.

Sebastian is currently doing well in his foster home. Soon he will be posted for adoption. 

We don't see dollar signs when we take on a cat in need. We just know they need our help. Of course, since we rely fully on donations to keep the rescue running, we need your help to continue to be able to say yes to cats in need. 

Thank you for caring when others did not, thank you for giving when others could not, and thank you for sharing in our mission to make the world a better place for cats and kittens. Because of you we can picture a world where every cat is happy, healthy and loved.

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