Be a friend, Be a mentor... Kinship

Kinship is a non-profit youth mentoring program based in Little Falls, Minnesota, serving both Morrison County and the greater Long Prairie area.  Kinship's mission is to help kids, not living with both parents, grow through the "guidance and companionship of an adult friend," a mentor!  Through Kinship, we strive to provide positive role models and influences in the lives of Kinkids (kids in Kinship) through matches and group mentoring activities.  The bottom line is we want to help kids grow through positive friendships with adults.  Kinship's website is full of information about volunteering, enrolling your child and donating to Kinship all topped of with many fun pictures!  Check it out at

The stories of Kinship's success are best told by and about its matches.   Below is a link to our local newspaper, the Morrison County Record, as it covers a milestone that Dave & Chris, a six-year Kinship match, recently reached when they visited every single state park in Minnesota!

Another story shares the hope that Kinship youth and volunteers have as they look ahead to being matched.  A new match, Dave & Austin, share their excitement.

Your donation will be diligently used to recruit, screen, train & match adult volunteers like the "Dave's" in the stories above with kids like Chris & Austin; starting their Kinship friendship on the relationship path.  Thank you for helping to make a difference in the life of a child.  If you would like to make a donation other than via the website, please contact Kinship directly at (320) 632-8806.

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