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Support Social Justice Education with your monthly gift! 

Your monthly donation will provide us with the ability to grow our mission and expand our vision of raising up a generation of change makers for social change.  

Southside Family School has its own rhythm. The rhythm you feel is the pulse of our unique community.  Multi-aged groups learning together, independent choice in topics explored, creative arts, restorative practices, peer leadership and one of the most diverse staff in schools across the state. If there is one thing the last few years have taught us well, it is that we are a resilient community of diverse people, who are filled with hope and advocacy for one another.  

Protecting small class sizes, funding field trips, exploring service learning, and building collaborations with community leaders, activists and business owners - as a charter school we depend on the donations from our supporters to provide these necessary resources for students. 

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Southside Family School!  This milestone is an invitation for reflection, celebration, and dreaming. To support each of these important actions, our theme this year is Honoring Our History and Dreaming Our Future.  Southside's history holds the legacy of an unwavering commitment to social justice, small class sizes that nurture deep relationships and connection, and a travel study program that has supported our students’, staff’s, and community’s understanding of the history of this country, the labor of freedom dreaming, the organization of social movement and change, and the power of people.  COVID 19, and its multiple impacts, put a pause on our community's opportunity for the unique and rich experiences of our travel study.  

Monthly donations enable us to sustainably cover our expenses as we continue to provide the high quality social justice education that we are committed to offering our students.

We invite each of you to partner with us in growing and building toward our dreams and visions for our children’s education with whatever amount feels generous to you - whether you have the capacity to contribute $5 or $500 a month to the work of our vision, every single contribution matters.

Thank you for your generosity and inviting others to share the same!  

To make a donation directly to the school via check or money order, please send to:  

Southside Family Charter School

4500 Clinton Ave S

Minneapolis, Mn 55419

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