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Each contribution goes to provide food, shelter, health care, clothing and education for the orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

The birth of this home was a result of tragedies that have rampaged families and more specially kids who have been traumatically affected by the pandemic of AIDS. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the community we serve currently stands at 10% and AIDS-related deaths are on the increase with a corresponding increase in the number of children being left as orphans. Most of the orphans live in deplorable conditions with no proper shelter, food, clothing and education. This is so because the traditional kinship systems (which would have catered for orphans in earlier times) of the community have long been destroyed by factors such as urbanization, globalization and increased costs of living which are all corrosive on any people’s culture. Adding to the problem is the lingering stigma and unfortunate misgivings of traditions and cultural underpins.

Due to these, most orphans are at the mercy of fate, struggling to live one day at a time. Some have been abandoned while others are abused and are therefore very vulnerable to the same monster that killed their parents. Kids Home International as an NGO, has recognized this fact and decided to intervene by establishing a temporary rental home for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and neglected by their next of kin. We currently have 45 children in our home and have assisted over 3,000 families in strengthening their capacity to protect and care for orphans and vulnerable children. We have also set up a system that will support families and communities to respond to the psychological needs of the orphans, homeless, and exploited children. For the last 6 years KHI has been a home, a refuge, a shelter, a place of comfort, a place of hope to many of these hopeless children. Children have sought this home as a place they can grow, experience love, be fed, be heard, learn something about life, connect with other kids, a place to seek education, a place they feel safe, and springboard to higher achievement, an idea they could not perceive from the streets they came from.

These young and vulnerable kids are counting on your concern and action. They know you have the best interest in heart. Your heart can be connected to theirs in any action you take to alleviate and extend their life expectancy and quality. As our "brothers and sisters" keepers, we have no boundaries in how far we can extend our generosity and care. Kids Home community lives and breathes because you are there to see them do just that. When you support Kids Home International, you are supporting projects that benefit children in Kenya, Africa. Your support is critical in improving the basic healthcare , bringing power of reading and writing to those who can't read, providing shelter to the homeless, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor.

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