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Your donation will help meet the needs of children and families in local and global communities and empower youth to make a difference.


Kids For A Better World empowers youth to make a difference by offering volunteer and educational opportunities for local and global youth, to learn fundraising, volunteerism and corporate responsibilities, and encourages the empowerment of youth, by educating them in starting their own community initiatives.

Hi, my name is Ashlee, and I'd like to encourage you to get involved by telling you a little about myself and how I got started. Volunteering has been an important part of my life ever since I was 5 years old. I was given the opportunity to have music in my life at an early age and when I started in Girl Scouts at age 5, I incorporated music into my volunteering. At age 9, I started my first programs. I found ways to incorporate my talents, skills, music and love for reading, into programs that could make a difference. I believe everyone can make a difference no matter what your age or status in life. Sometimes it's the smallest things that change the world. I hear people say, I'm only one small person, what can I do? It only takes one smile, one encouragement, one hand, one listening ear to give hope and value to another and by working together, we can create positive change and positive outcomes building upon each other, can benefit our communities, locally and around the world. I invite you to come and partner with us as we work to Help Overcome Poverty Effectively (H.O.P.E.)

Programs under Kids for A Better World include:

  • Caring Bags For The Homless
  • Walk In My Shoes
  • Connecting With Africa
  • Coins For Africa - School Supplies
  • Kids Sending Hugs - Stuffed Animals
  • Music From The Heart
  • Books To Share, Books To Read
  • Nurse Nancy's Wish List
  • M.U.S.I.C Music Uniting Service In Communities
  • Scarves, Hats, Socks and Blankets For The Homeless
  • Children Of The World United
  • Child Development Center-Liberia
  • Kids For A Better World, Liberia Chapter
  • Safe Water For Africa's Children
  • Caring Cards For Soldiers
  • Recycling cell phones, cans, clothes, toys etc.
  • Feel Better Baskets

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