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This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Khacholing Center’s founding. At Khacholing, we offer all our classes free of charge and we are fully dependent on your generous contributions to maintain our activities. You are cordially invited to join us on Sunday mornings for our weekly teachings. If our Center is new to you or you have not been able to attend our classes, the teachings have all been recorded are available at no charge on our YouTube channel.

The members of Khacholing Center, individually and as a group, are dedicated to the teachings and practices of the Buddha, as practiced by the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism founded by Je Tsongkhapa.  The members also strive to develop faith and conviction in other Tibetan Buddhist schools and the various other traditions of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism.

Kacholing Center is a small centre that strives to provide a broad scope of services to the community in Minneapolis and its suburbs. Aside from offering in-person and online Buddhism classes to English-speaking and Tibetan-speaking participants and youth, Kacholing offers emotional and spiritual support to the sick and those facing end of life. It offers special prayer ceremonies for specific needs relating to life, death and things in between. However, after 25 years in Minneapolis we no longer have a permanent home for our Center, as the previously hosting venue was sold. We are currently relying on a member’s home basement for the Center to conduct its weekly in-person classes.  

Our goal is to locate and secure a new space that we are able to use everyday and continue to offer our services and build upon them. For this, we welcome new members to enjoy what the Buddhist approach to life has to offer, as well as your support in any form. Contributions in cash and in kind to secure us a permanent home would be very much welcomed and enable us to continue our community service. 

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