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We've crunched the numbers and truly figured out the best way to maximize Give To The Max Day 2020, this Thursday, November 19. Check it out at givemn.org for KFAI and all of the other incredibly deserving organizations involved.

 KFAI's Give To The Max Day by the numbers:

  1. On our broadcast, we will be playing all of the amazing, diverse programmings you have come to expect from KFAI. Classic.
  2. On the second webstream, we will be seeing the return of the infamous Funkraiser! That's 24 hours of bouncy, thumpadelic funk for you. Oh yeah.
  3. And finally, we will be officially launching our third stream, kicking it off with the gut-punching 24-hour Undead Stream courtesy of the motley KFAI metal crüe. Bam.

Tune in for this Einstein-perplexing 72 hour day by listening to your radio and by surfing the webstreams from the homepage of our website. If the spirit moves you, you can support us through our web page, and don't forget to check out the GiveMN website, where you can see all of the other amazing organizations that contribute so much to making our community what it is.

 Numbers be damned! Let's break the streak of "2020" this Give To The Max Day.

Never miss an opportunity to get involved by staying tuned to KFAI 90.3FM in the Twin Cities or around the world at KFAI.org!



"Minneapolis' most communal community radio station"  - Star Tribune

"Best Radio Station of the Twin Cities, 2020" - City Pages

KFAI is a mission-driven, volunteer-based community radio station delivering information, arts and entertainment programming to the Twin Cities since 1978. Always evolving, KFAI aims to provide access to underserved or marginalized populations by fostering relationship-building and meaningful, lasting partnerships between communities of diverse racial, social, and economic backgrounds while upholding values of democracy and social justice.

"You can go days without food, days without water, but you can't go more than minutes without air, Fresh Air" - Listener-Member Michael, Minneapolis

We bring people together! KFAI is the only station in the state offering programming in more than 9 languages. Our hosts, volunteers, and members are artists, musicians, community leaders, writers, activists, grassroots organizers, educators, insiders and outliers, parents, siblings, loners, rockers, change-makers, music nerds, and radio lovers just like you. You are KFAI and KFAI is You!

"We were 'Fresh Air' waaaaay before Terry Gross!" - Anonymous Volunteer who wants Terry to know that we love her. No hard feelings, Terry :)

Thank you for your support!! When you invest in KFAI, you're supporting vital voices lending to the growth of healthy, well-connected Twin Cities communities. Become a sustaining member today!

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