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Keeping U Afloat reaches worldwide to victims of tragic events.  We offer a unique healing journey surrounded by friendship and centered in team building.  Whether By Land or By Sea, our mission is to support you so you don't tread the waters alone.

Imagine if you will...You just buried your parents to an unfortunate Murder/Suicide.  You leave the funeral and are faced with going home to an empty house.  You feel completely ALONE.  The grief feels suffocating.  You don't know how you will make it to tomorrow let alone to the next minute.  You wonder how did this happen.  Why did this happen?  Could you have done anything to prevent it?  Question after question surrounds you and you feel lost, sad, mad, angry, heartbroken and so forth.  You don't have anyone to turn to.  No one who gets it.  All you want to do is scream and have comfort from someone else who knows what you are going through....

That is how Keeping U Afloat was born.  From a desperate need to feel connected and not Alone.  To find others who know what you are going through.  To listen, offer advice, and help you see that there is can get through this.  

Our mission is to offer a healing journey in a serene setting to bring others together who have suffered similar tragedies.  As a newly formed Nonprofit, we are seeking funds to acquire a 40 foot or larger Catamaran for our Sailing Adventures.  Our By Sea adventures will be held in the warm waters from Florida to the Caribbean where you can soak in the salt water and take a break from reality. Whereby you will be snorkeling, learning to sail, possibly scuba diving and many other fun Sea adventures.  You will embark upon self exploration exercises, yoga, meditation, discussion, team building, self reflection and creating lasting memories and friendships.  Some of the money you donate will go towards our purchasing a suitable Catamaran and accessories to fit the needs of our guests.

Our By Land adventures have the same concept as our By Sea adventures.  But instead of sailing, as that isn't for everyone, we decided to offer a camping adventure as well.  Currently we will be offering our camping adventures in the tranquility of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota.  Our goal is to expand to other areas such as Yosemite National Park, Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park and many others throughout the US.  You will also embark upon self exploration exercises, yoga, meditation, discussion, team building, self reflection and creating lasting memories and friendships.  A portion of the funds donated will go towards our hiring guides (who have suffered a similar tragedy), rental of equipment, supplies for the adventures and additional accessories as needed per adventure.

Additionally, the funds are needed to help us expand our website, software needs and to be used for marketing purposes to spread our mission and message.

We truly thank each and every one of you for your generosity and support.  With so many nonprofits out there, we are honored that you have chosen to support our mission.  We are forever grateful for your help and hope that we can reach as many people as possible. 

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