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Welcome to the Karen Football Association

Our mission is to utilize futsal and soccer as a vehicle to create positive change for gender equity, and provide youth and young adults in underserved communities an opportunity to play organized sports. 

We provide playing opportunities for girls, boys, young women and men; helping shape their behaviors and actions to  support each other as athletes, and do away with society's gender stereotypes.

Positive environments create positive results.

Our core belief with youth sports is creating a positive environment that encourages young athletes to try new things, be creative, and deliver the message that 'it is okay to fail'. Our unique futsal and soccer sessions focus on having fun, learning from others, and developing self confidence. We have seen athletes thrive in this setting and are excited to expand our program.


Helping provide exposure for athletes going unnoticed by mainstream systems.

In a society of “pay to play” soccer and youth sports, our goal is to shine a light on the communities that are going unnoticed. These amazing young athletes often go unseen. Why does this matter? By not being seen or by not having access to the mainstream soccer system, these young athletes are missing out on collegiate and professional opportunities. They are not being scouted or recruited. These athletes deserve to be given the same chance as their peers in the mainstream system. The Karen Football Association unites players with college coaches and scouts, helping athletes develop player resumes, while placing an emphasis on academics, career building, and being successful in college.

Establishing a mindset of gender equity for future generations

Our futsal and soccer programs bring both boys and girls together showcasing their talents as athletes. We have created a positive environment that focuses on skill and not gender stereotypes, highlighting the creative play of each individual. Our sessions are filled with positive support and encouragement while teaching the beautiful game. Our philosophy is to develop mindsets and behaviors of gender equity with our youth and young adults. They are the future for doing what is right as athletes and human beings.

The Karen Community

The Karen people originated in Burma. Due to war and political unrest many were forced to leave their homes and flee across the border to refugee camps in neighboring Thailand. Life in the refugee camps is difficult and uncertain. Camps can reduce funding or simply shut down at will, leaving the refugees with very few options. Because of this, many in the community have resettled around the world, starting new lives for themselves. The largest Karen population in the United States resides in the Twin Cities.

Please consider supporting our youth futsal program

Proceeds will go towards renting gym space, transportation, equipment, and most importantly expanding our program to younger ages. As we try to make a positive impact on generations to come your support truly helps our efforts. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Karen Football Association.

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