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The K America Foundation's mission is to promote Korean culture through language, arts, and technology.

Minnesota has the highest concentration of Korean adoptees in America.

This also means that Minnesota has the biggest heart in America, taking in the largest number of adoptees by miles, and we want to help by providing a Korean environment  to explore that is closer to home.

Transracial adoption can leave identity gaps for adoptees that can easily be filled by providing access to their homeland right here in the states. Our facility is a mock Korea. Upon entering our building people will be transported to South Korea, with design, language, food, song, technology and more. If you look at an adoptee story you are certain to find one thing in common—a language barrier to their culture and identity. What we will give them is a place where Korean is spoken and supportive teachers who will help them navigate the environment. How do you speak on the phone? How do you buy a stamp? How do you ask questions about your life story or health when your birth family does not speak English? How many heart-to-heart conversations have you had with a translator present? Language is at the heart of that healing. It means you can be a proud Minnesotan and know your roots.

The K America Foundation is dedicated to helping Korean adoptees and their families (including the parents of adoptees and the spouses and children of adoptees), by offering free programs to Korean adoptees' families and lower income families.

We want to provide a safe and supportive environment where any Korean or anyone interested in Korean culture can come and learn the language, practice and learn new skills, and have fun enjoying the best of modern Korean culture and technology—whether it be at our summer camps or our longer annual programs.

We envision an inclusive environment where Koreans, Korean-Americans, Korean adoptees and their parents, non-Korean spouses of Koreans, and non-Koreans excited about Korean culture can all gather together to learn, share, and experience Korean culture in order to:

  • connect with family in Korea
  • receive letter writing support
  • learn about their cultural heritage and be confident and proud about it
  • meet and see other Koreans and know they are not alone,
  • celebrate the accomplishments of Koreans,
  • or just share their passion for all things Korean! 

We need your help!

Your donation will fund:

  • Programs for Korean adoptees' families and low income families
  • Renovation of a 28,000 sqft facility in Ely, MN to host our camps, programs, and services
  • Develop online resources and educational materials

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