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Our kids and our communities are in crisis. Violent crimes committed by children, accompanied by harsh adult sentences, are tragically on the rise. Since 2020, Juvenile Sentencing Reform Minnesota has provided unparalleled support for at-risk youth and people who were incarcerated as children who will be released from prison without a support system or any financial backing to begin their lives as free adults. 

When a child commits a violent crime, it is a result of unmet emotional needs. Children are different from adults and should not be given adult sentences, which have not and will not stop violence. JSRM is committed to holding kids accountable and ensuring that they receive comprehensive rehabilitation that allows them to become adults who are compassionate and responsible. We are committed to the emotional well-being of children, as well as research-based rehabilitation programs which greatly reduce these tragedies and lead to healthier communities.  

Most of JSRM’s team is directly impacted by childhood incarceration. We know that people sent to prison as kids have unique needs when released, such as finding employment, finding housing, learning to drive, accessing basic needs like healthcare, learning to cook, etc.  We know how to get them what they require for a stable and productive life. Since 2020 we have advocated for over 20 people individually and have recruited a recently released individual to serve on our board and lead the reentry program. 

All of us have an obligation to make our communities safer. How can we care for those who have been victimized, stop violence before it happens, and create evidence-based rehabilitation programs as an alternative to current institutions? 

Your generous and compassionate donation to JSRM will directly impact some of the most vulnerable members of society who were not given the support they needed to thrive. Until now, JSRMN has been funded entirely by the members of our organization, including those incarcerated. In order to grow our services, reach more people, and create a more meaningful impact, we must have the support of our communities. You will be able to see your dollars working and follow or progress on our social media and GiveMN sites.

Support JSRMN today. We can’t do it without your help! 

You are the key to healing your community! Your generous donation will allow us to:

  • Pay for reentry expenses (including but not limited to): clothing, cell phone purchase, driving courses, furnishings for an apartment

  • Communicate regularly via phone and email with those who are in Minnesota prisons

  • Provide seasonal greeting cards to boost morale

  • Share the stories of and advocate for those incarcerated as children

  • Reduce crime by supporting at-risk youth 

  • Continue to broaden our work around supporting sentencing reform 

  • Pay for general operating costs

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