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Juel Fairbanks provides chemical dependency recovery services in a safe and chemical free environment for underserved populations. Because these groups are over represented in incidence of chemical dependency, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders as a result of dual diagnosis of mental illness and chemical dependency - the work performed at Juel Fairbanks is critical. Juel Fairbanks offers residential as ell as non-residential (outpatient) treatment services.

Juel Fairbanks follows clients through a continuum of highly structured treatment levels from new sobriety (72-hours abstinent) to readiness for transition back into community. Educated providers deliver these program services under the supervision of qualified professionals. The State of Minnesota DHS Rule 31 and other Minnesota Statutes regulate through licensing and oversight of categorical facility requirements under which Juel Fairbanks fully complies.

Juel Fairbanks Chemical Dependency Services was created in 1973. The dream for the organization was originated by Mr. Juel Fairbanks a Native American man who believed his sobriety would have been achieved sooner through such a program. After Juel's death in 1970, Edward LaFromboise worked with the St. Paul Ramsey County Suburban Area Chemical Dependency Committee to help the Juel Fairbanks organization be realized.

It is an honor to continue to uphold the organization as one of distinction and relevance. Forty (40) years later the need for the Juel Fairbanks program remains. The mission of the program focuses on recovery from chemical dependency and dual disorders for those underserved. Juel Fairbanks serves all reservations and Minnesota counties. It is uniquely qualified to provide culturally specific reatment methods. It is with appreciation and gratitude that Juel Fairbanks continues to respectfully serve the Native American community. Outreach to the community occurs through Open Houses, Pow Wows, social media and newsletters. Donations to Juel Fairbanks support the residential program and outreach events. Donors become part of the Juel Fairbanks story and share in the success of making this dream a reality. Juel Fairbanks makes the most of every dollar. Your contribution will fill the gap of funding losses experienced over the last five (5) years.

Today Juel Fairbanks continues to embrace the strength of cultural identity as a powerful tool to assist those seeking a chemical free life. While traditional treatments are imporant to success, alternative therapies and the latest science are integrated into our programming and services. Juel Fairbanks employs licensed and qualified professionals with education and experience that make our clients goals attainable. We are committed to bringing health and recovery to our community. We look forward to being a contributor of stability and wellness for all who seek our services and particularly underserved populations in Minnesota for another 40 years!

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