Judicare of Anoka County Inc

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Judicare of Anoka County, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides free legal representation in civil matters to low income residents of Anoka County.

Judicare is committed to the vision that all members of the community have access to legal counsel and the justice system.

These are difficult times for everyone. In this time of need, we hope you will consider a donation to support our work to protect the basic needs of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors in Anoka County. Every gift is important and every dollar of support counts.

Why support Judicare?  Since its inception in 1975, Judicare has served thousands of low income people who did not have the financial ability to retain legal counsel in areas such as:


Family law cases often involve emotional issues that have a significant impact on families.  The services provided by Judicare help stabilize families by resolving conflicts through the court process. 


One of the goals of the program is to help clients retain affordable housing.  Preventing homelessness makes it possible for children to remain in a stable environment and achieve at higher levels in school.  Families that have stable housing have one less barrier to becoming contributing members of their community. 


Judicare’s clients often apply for assistance with a family law or housing problem, but the staff may determine that a primary underlying cause of that crisis is their financial situation. Working families having their wages garnished will not be able to pay their rent or mortgage.  This results in a housing crisis. The housing crisis creates substantial family stress which may result in domestic violence.  Judicare is able to prevent some of these problems by advising clients about their legal rights and by representing them in legal actions to stop improper garnishment, repossession or debt collection. 



A substantial number of Judicare clients have been diagnosed with a disability or a significant health problem.  Many of these clients are experiencing legal problems related to their disability.  By helping clients obtain disability benefits, health insurance coverage or accommodations in housing or employment, Judicare is able to keep many vulnerable citizens living and working independently. 



A large number of Judicare’s clients have trouble meeting their basic needs due to the economic crisis.  Many have experienced a job loss for the first time.     These clients were able to meet their basic needs because Judicare helped them obtain unemployment benefits after an initial denial, because Judicare helped them collect wages wrongfully withheld or because Judicare helped them retain employment.

Learn more at www.anokajudicare.org

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