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Proclaiming the gospel to the imprisoned to bring about transformation in Christ

Joyful Harvest Ministry was founded six years ago by Doneetsa Anderson, after nearly 20 years of being involved in prison ministry. The purpose of Joyful Harvest Ministry is to bring about transformation to men and women in prison through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Doneetsa does Bible studies and seminars in area prisons ad writes a teaching newsletter, Joyful New, which goes to 500 men and women in prison. Those inmates who receive this newsletter and go to Bible studies in prison have a 3.5% recidivism rate, compared to 30% of those who are coming out of prison without these services. This ministry is making a difference. Please give!

A few short stories of God at work:

Andre (first photo below) is an inmate at Lino Lakes prison. He sent a check, his tithe. It was $2.12. Andre wrote that he would pray that God would multiply it by 100%. God answered that prayer. Andre has since been a regular giver, with the same prayer. Will you be the answer to Andre's prayers?

Herb gave his life to the Lord in September. At the time, his girlfriend/fiancé was in a coma. Many people prayed for her and today she is home, healthy. To God be the glory!

Jalal decided to follow Jesus a few months ago. But now, his case didn’t seem to be going his way and he was mad at God. We talked and I challenged him to trust that God knew what He was doing. And my prayer team prayed. Not only does Jalal have his joy back, but his transformation and persistence in prayer is influencing others. Praise the Lord!

Eric, still young in his faith, saw God work to bring about truth in the courtroom. He should be released from jail, even as you are reading this report. God even made sure he did not lose his house or his pets. Glory to God in the highest!

Here's an incredible story of the God of the impossible:

Nearly $10,000 in cash. Hundreds of grams of drugs. Fidel Paramo was a major player in the drug game. He first came to the Bible study that I led at the Ramsey County jail in February. WIthin  a few weeks, Fidel became a new creation.

Fidel fell in love with Jesus and with His word. When he told me he wanted to read through the Bible, I said great, just don’t get discouraged by Leviticus! He came back the next week, saying that the rules and regulations outlined in those first five books showed him that God is serious about holy living.

It was about this time Fidel was reading through the Bible a second  time, and was leading a prayer group in his pod (living quarters of 60 men), that he first mentioned he would like to go to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge . So I alerted my prayer team and we started praying.

The last Wednesday I saw Fidel was June 4. He was on his THIRD read through of the Bible. Fidel sadly said that he didn’t think he would be able to go to Teen Challenge because the pre-sentencing investigation of his crime and past crimes dictated that he go to prison for 86 months.

I asked Fidel if he believed that God wanted him at Teen Challenge and was willing to go wherever God sent him. Did he believe that God was greater than the PSI. He said yes. Then a few of the other guys in the study and I prayed over Fidel asking that God would not send him to prison.

His sentencing was to be that Friday. I knew that I would not find out anything until the following Monday when the MN Department of Corrections updates its inmate list. I barely slept Wednesday or Thursday nights, crying out to the Lord for Fidel. Later on Friday, I checked my email and nearly deleted one from an unknown sender.

It was from his lawyer’s assistant. Fidel had received 180 DAYS in the Ramsey County Workhouse and then mandated to Teen Challenge! Only God could have done that! 

Now, Fidel has completed the discipleship program, has meaningful work and is a productive member of society.

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