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From persecution to hope in a new land

The legal right to seek asylum

The United Nations gives those who experience persecution and human rights violations in their homeland the legal right to seek asylum in a United Nations country such as the United States. Most asylum seekers who enter the United States have few possessions, little money, no place to live, and limited English language skills. Their situation is made even more challenging because they receive no government assistance and are not allowed to use their skills to work for at least six months.  

Jonathan House provides housing for asylum seekers.

Jonathan House is an ecumenical Christian missionary program of the International Association for Refugees. Founded in 2017, Jonathan House was the first housing provider in the Twin Cities specifically designed for asylum seekers who are moving through the years-long asylum process. 

While Jonathan House was able to provide housing for 12 people in 2023, it had to turn-away 96% of asylum seekers looking for housing. And sadly, there are few other housing options for asylum seekers in the Twin Cities. 

Jonathan House wants to double its capacity to house asylum seekers.

Jonathan House wants to double its housing capacity by 2025 to bring hope and healing to more asylum seekers in need. 

Our Give to the Max Day goal in 2023 is to raise $25,000 to cover a year's worth of rent for our housing spaces, thereby giving our asylum seekers a safe home and sure footing that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  

You can bring hope and healing to asylum seekers.

We invite you to become a hope partner to asylum seekers by giving a gift to Jonathan House today. Your gift will give future asylum seekers safe housing so they can begin building a new life. 

Stories of resilience and new beginnings

Your gift today will help create future stories like those of current residents.


Alamnseh began English literacy classes in her 50’s, determined to learn a language amidst many challenges. She was recently acknowledged by the International Institute for completing 1,500 hours of English language education and for being an encouragement to her teachers and fellow students. 


Pascal was lamenting to a Jonathan House volunteer who became his gym buddy that there weren’t drivers’ training services for asylum seekers so they decided to fill the gap and launched an organization called Change Drivers. 


Salana had his final asylum hearing in September having waited for five years. The judge shared that he rejects 92 percent of all asylum applications. After a long and arduous process, Salana became one of the 8 percent granted asylum, encouraged to "use this opportunity to do good things in the United States." 

Your gift today will help Jonathan House residents achieve greater stability so they can go on to make contributions to their new community. 


Stephen is a Jonathan House alum who came from South Sudan where he was a doctor, but his credentials weren’t transferable in the U.S. While at Jonathan House he studied computer programming, landed a job in Washington, D.C., and has now launched his own tech start-up company. 

Jonathan House and its donors help asylum seekers build a new life and contribute to their new community. Give a gift today and become a hope partner. 

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Loving those who God loves

Loving those who God loves draws us to the heart of God. In our work at Jonathan House, we strive to practice justice and mercy—the justice and mercy we too receive from Christ. While your support of asylum seekers is a blessing to them, we trust that it is also a blessing to you by allowing you to make a real difference in the lives of others. 

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