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In August of 2022, the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) became it's own non-profit!  We utilized the existing Joint Religious Education and Research Fund (JRERF) bylaws and infrastructure to streamline and combine the work of the two organizations. 

Now, the JRERF doing business as (d.b.a.) JRLC can accept donations for our education, advocacy and research. We are registered as a 501c3(h) and will track our advocacy and lobbying to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and laws.

Our updated mission is as necessary and compelling as ever: Multifaith partners advocating for public policies that promote the common good in Minnesota.

The Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, and Islamic leaders of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition guide the work and consistently find and activate our base around common ground and solid policy recommendations.

In November, 2022 we will be bringing on a new Executive Director and leaning into our updated vision: A vibrant collaboration of faith communities from all regions of Minnesota, deeply engaged in effective policy advocacy for the common good.

Together we are committed to growing our base of engaged members of faith communities and strengthening our organization's infrastructure.

Thank you for considering a gift, and we welcome your support!!

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