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Twenty-five years ago, a group of Jewish Minnesotans formed an organization committed to seeking shared liberation. 

They envisioned a world where everyone has access to safe, stable and affordable housing. Where immigrants are welcomed and supported. Where all communities live free from discrimination and economic hardship. Where everyone’s voice counts in elections.

That world is not here just yet. The pandemic and economic inequality threaten thousands with eviction. Politicians desperately attempt to hold on to power by targeting immigrants and dog whistling to white nationalists. Centuries old systems continue to murder Black Minnesotans, including George Floyd z”l.

Our work is more important than ever, and so is your support. Working together as a community is a requirement for making real change and achieving real justice. Our text and tradition teach us that we inherited a world in need of repair, and we share the responsibility to repair it.

JCA’s role in that repair is an essential one and your contribution will help us build momentum on these recent accomplishments:

  • Connected with 14,000 people across the state to help them make a plan to vote
  • Came together with our partners in St. Louis Park to repeal the city’s racist “Evicted Before Convicted” housing ordinance
  • Pushed the St. Paul city council to pass the strongest tenant protections ordinance in the state.
  • Trained progressive partners on the connection between antisemitism, white nationalism and anti-Black racism
  • Held critical conversations within the community about safety and policing

That was all possible because of your support. But there is so much we need to do.

Now more than ever we need innovative, powerful, Jewish organizing in Minnesota. Become a member to make our continued work possible, to prove that together, we can help repair the world.

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