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A Better Minnesota is Possible!

ISAIAH is a powerful movement of people of faith working to create a better Minnesota. Our vision is a state with a multicultural democracy that honors the dignity of everyone and a caring economy where everyone can thrive. You can realize this vision by joining forces with thousands of ISAIAH supporters to fight for racial and economic justice. 

When you make a gift to ISAIAH, you'll be putting your faith to work in the world.

What your gifts of contribution have already done this year (2023):

  • Passing Restore the Vote. Restoring the right to vote for 55K formerly incarcerated Minnesotans
  • Investing 1.5 billion in child care and raising wages for childcare workers 
  • Leading an organizing path that has engaged 50 new childcare centers across the state and 30 new institutional members
  • Passing 100% Clean Energy to move Minnesota to carbon-free electricity by 2040


We are creating a powerful opportunity for thousands of leaders throughout Minnesota across race, faith, and geography to join in unity because we know:


Together we CAN make a better Minnesota!

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