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IHS of MN is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that has been providing medical, dental, surgical and eye care since 1982 in Honduras.

A team story written by a Renee, an IHS participant -

The Kruta River team is one of several ‘remote’ teams that deployed from Puerto Lempira. We traveled by boats to two villages to provide medical and dental care to the people from surrounding villages. Our first stop was the village of Kruta near the mouth of the Rio Kruta. We spent part of our two weeks in Kruta, and then traveled 4 hours up the river to the village of Tikiuraya. When I say ‘remote’; these villages go well beyond remote! There are no roads, electricity, no plumbing, no running water or flush toilets.

While traveling up the river enjoying the scenery and viewing the many huts along the way, one would think life looks very simple and easy and I could imagine myself ‘roughing it’ in this tropical paradise.  Once we settled in a village for a few days and got a closer look at life in ‘paradise’ we are reminded of the many luxuries we take for granted back home. Children in La Moskitia die from illnesses that could be treated with simple medications – if only they had them when they needed them. We saw serious burns, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and of course parasite infestations and diarrhea. One day I went along on a house call to the home of a young woman who had just delivered a baby. They lived in a typical home built up on stilts, framed in with posts, walls made from old boards and the whole house is one-room and maybe 12’ x 16’. Looking around in the home, it was clear that these people own very little beyond a few articles of clothing and some pots and pans to cook with. Their furniture consisted of beds made from wooden boards with no mattresses. On that particular day it was very hot and humid while this young woman lay on the wooden floor of their hut and nursed her baby. Can you imagine having to build a fire to cook your meal or having to walk down to the river to hand wash your clothes? Yet this is the only life they have ever known. Even though most of us would not want to give up the lifestyle we are accustomed to, there’s something to be gained by spending a couple weeks on a medical mission in remote Honduras. As I reflect our lifestyle, rushing through each day and trying to fit in everything we want to get done …We could learn from them!

This was my second trip with IHS and just as rewarding as my first trip. International Health Service has a long history in Honduras and understands the importance of working with people ‘where they are’ and meeting their needs without trying to change their culture. I look forward to going back again next year and know that my time will be well spent.

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