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The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future.

The International Wolf Center was founded in 1985 by renowned wolf experts and concerned citizens in Minnesota. Since then, the vision has focused on a world in which populations of wolves thrive in their native regions. The Center provides useful scientific information and learning opportunities to diverse audiences around the world. With members in every U.S. state and 25 countries worldwide, the International Wolf Center, a leading authority on wolves, supports well-informed dialogue about wolf/human coexistence.

Give to the Wolves Day
Year after year, YOU have supported the International Wolf Center. You allow us to continue reaching audiences around the world, either through visits to our interpretive center or through technology. The goal is to raise a total of $120,000, which will allow us to provide critical science-based educational programs about wolves to people around the world.

Our Wolves
The International Wolf Center has maintained a live wolf exhibit since 1989. Our Exhibit Pack is Axel, Grayson, Rieka, Blackstone and Caz. Axel and Grayson are 7-year-old brothers and are arctic gray wolves. Our lone female Rieka is 2 years old and brothers, Blackstone and Caz are one year old. 

Our Ambassador Wolves and Education
Wolves in the wild can be hard to study. Having the ambassador wolves at the Center each day has afforded us the opportunity to learn about wolf behavior. The Exhibit Pack lives their lives as wolves, socialized but not domesticated. These ambassador wolves teach visitors and online audiences every day about real wolf behavior, pack structure and  more. They are our most effective educators—dispelling stereotypes and fostering connections every day.

 As a supporter, you make a powerful impact by providing resources that are used to reach people near and far, in the classroom and through webcams. Your support is transforming the future of wolves through education.

The Health/Wellness of Our Ambassador Wolves
The Exhibit Pack resides in a 1.25 acre area which includes two dens, a filtered pond and forested area in which they can roam freely.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining the wolf enclosure at the Ely Interpretive Center and a lot that goes into ensuring each wolf is healthy and well cared for. Your donation makes a powerful difference. Whether you would like to support the health and wellness of the Exhibit Pack, provide resources for maintaining the enclosure or honor any of the “Gone But Not Forgotten” ambassador wolves, your support will go to work immediately in the continued care of current and future packmates.

The Exhibit Pack and Its Contribution to Scientific Research
The health and safety of the ambassador wolves are key to our USDA-licensed wolf management plan with wolf care team members caring for the Exhibit Pack 365 days of the year. The Wolf Care team provides daily physical checks and veterinary care to the ambassador wolves, and this has provided data which the Wolf Curators use to collaborate with outside wolf researchers and biologists. The ambassador wolves have contributed to research on mirror recognition studies, wolf monitoring technology, cortisol sampling and wolf genetics.

 As a supporter, you ensure that science-based facts and education about wolves get into the hands of people everywhere. Your donations allow for the best care possible for the Exhibit Pack and facilitate meaningful contributions to scientific research.

Donations of $50 or more make you a member of the International Wolf Center. Membership benefits include a year-long subscription to International Wolf magazine, free admission to our interpretive center in Ely, Minnesota, and discounts on programs and merchandise.

Donations of $75 or more make you eligible to receive our beautiful ambassador wolf yearbook, Rendezvous

To opt out of your benefits, or receive digital versions of our magazine, please email us at

While your donation will be matched, you're eligible for benefits based solely on the amount you donate.

Discover Wolves! is our permanent exhibit at the Center in Ely. It allows visitors to explore the world of wolves and wolf science through interactive displays, stunning immersive dioramas and informational signage. The exhibit is complemented by numerous daily in-person programs and live wolf viewing in our auditorium.

Education and Outreach Programs
WolfLink virtual learning programs, online curriculum materials, and group visits to our Center all engage and educate teachers and students. Educational webinars feature our wolf care staff as well as guest biologists who share their knowledge and research from around the world. Additional specialty and adventure programs are offered throughout the year. For more information on any of these programs visit

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