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Cancer is an ugly word word with a scaring meaning but more importantly something that nobody should have to fight alone. Declaring war on cancer can leave our Warriors feeling exhausted physically and emotionally. It can also result in financial hardships. INDY Foundation knows how humbling this battle can be. It has become our mission to directly support Minnesota's cancer warriors and their families with love, faith & financial support. INDY helps all cancer warriors with all types of cancer. Age, income and diagnosis shouldn't prevent anyone from receiving the care and support they need while battling cancer. We know from experience that no one can beat cancer alone and we make sure that you don't have to. 

INDY: A Brief History...

INDY Foundation was founded in honor of my late husband Kyle, who lost his courageous battle with cancer in July 2017. His four year battle with colon cancer was extremely challenging and beautiful at the same time. For some you may say it was a real strain on your relationship, but for us it taught us to love a little more and have faith in the Lord.

Even in the darkest hours, my husband Kyle, managed to put a smile on his face. He always was the first to make sure everyone else was happy and okay even when he was in pain. His smile could light up an entire room, his humor always had you belly laughing and his love was endless. To say he was the life of the room, is an understatement, he was the life of my world and so many others.

As much struggle as Kyle endured between, surgeries, hospital stays, and chemotherapy he always remained positive. In fact I can remember more times when I would be crying after bad news and he would look at me and say, “What are you crying for Mama Bear? Everything is going to be okay.” You see that was Kyle, he always put everybody first, even until his last days here on earth.

On a cold January day in 2013, after another colon surgery, we were visiting with our Pastor about the life battles we were facing. What felt like a mountain to me was just a little speed bump to Kyle. In our conversations with Pastor Brian, Kyle had turned to him and said, “I’m Not Done Yet. God doesn’t want me yet.” At the time my face probably said it all, I was shocked and amazed all in one. You see Kyle was determined to beat the nasty disease he was facing and he did for a couple of years. If you would ask him today how he did it, he would tell you, “Have faith in the Lord and love your family because if you don’t have either of those your life will be really dark and lonely. Trust me.” What started as a bold statement, “I’m Not Done Yet” became a staple in our household and life. Little did I know it would become something so much more. Before Kyle’s passing, I had told him about my dreams and passions of starting a nonprofit that could help people who were battling cancer. I was so excited and remember asking him, if he thought I was crazy for thinking I could do this. He said, “No. I know you are determined and will do great things with it.” Before his passing, I made a promise that I would let his legacy live on through INDY. What started as a dream, has now become my purpose and passion. The INDY tribe’s purpose is to provide love, faith and financial support by directly supporting the cancer warrior and their family versus the battle at hand. Together we can make a difference and spread the message of INDY across the world by encouraging and inspiring others. See the original warrior, Kyle and other warrior's stories on our website, button below.

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