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Cultivating a discipleship movement of transformation through face-to-face connection, storytelling, and identity formation.

Immerse is for people who want something more. Those who feel like life is supposed to be more significant. Those who want to do big things. Who don’t want to waste their lives.

The problem is that they don’t have the tools, vision, or time.

They feel like a failure. They feel like they are a disappointment to God. They feel frustrated that they’re not living the God-inspired life they know is possible. They are terrified of wasting their life.

The crazy thing is, they are already significant.

Most people try to become significant by doing significant things. As if their significance is somewhere “out there” and they need to go find it and earn it by doing big things for God. They join small groups, ministry teams, mission trips, and conferences. They read books, listen to sermons, and attend 24-hour prayer meetings… but they still feel like there’s something more that evades them.

Immerse knows that significance is an internal issue and cannot be found in doing significant things. Significance has more to do with who you are than what you do. We know how to navigate the inner-world and guide you to healing, establish a solid identity, and prepare them to walk into the big things that they want to do. This is how we do it:

  1. Examine deep beliefs.
    Not the things you know you’re supposed to believe that you can easily regurgitate. The things you actually believe (most people don’t know what they believe because they’re working so hard on what they’re supposed to believe).

  2. Healing and resolution of pain.
    The unresolved pain of your past is writing your future for you. Gain ownership of your story and write your own ending.

  3. Be seen.
    Learn how to be seen as you are instead of how you think you ought to be. Experience unconditional love. Connect with God, connect with each other.

Don’t do big things to try to gain significance. Discover your significance. Heal. Be seen. Be loved. Then, go out into the world and do all the big things from a place of wholeness and contentment.

If you keep pursuing significance “out there” you will burn out eventually.

Immerse exists to walk with you through messy processes so that you can:

  • Establish your identity and a deep sense of significance

  • Heal the unresolved pain

  • Find the freedom and tools to launch into the mission that God puts on your heart

Here’s our commitment to you:

  1. You get to have a voice

  2. You never have to agree with us

  3. What you conclude is less important than how you engage the process

  4. We will celebrate you no matter where you are in the process

  5. We are committed to a long-term process (we recommend a minimum of 2 years of walking with us)

  6. We focus on going deep with few rather than shallow with many.

Do you want to help? Here are specific ways you can partner with us financially:

$150 donation supports 1 hour of Prayer Resolution.

$200 donation supports 5 hours of group mentorship for 4 people.

$2000 donation covers operating expenses for our Immerse Community for 3 months.

$4,000 donation supports 80 hours of Prayer Resolution sessions for one person, which is the average amount of time necessary to pray through an entire life.

$11,500 donation would cover operating expenses for a quarter.

$24,000 donation would pay for all of last year's Prayer Resolution sessions, enabling us to offer over 900 hours of sessions at no cost to those in need.

$155,000 donation would allow us to release our staff from fundraising their own salaries for a year, freeing them to do more of the amazing work they do.

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