Stand with us against Islamophobia, hate, and fear!

We all have a unique role to play in the work ahead. Let us partner together for mutual respect, diversity, and a peaceful future.

IARP is a small organization of one part-time staff and volunteers. We believe strongly in the work we do, but we can't do it without you!

This GTMD, we are asking for you to consider becoming a Partner for Peace and joining our team of sustaining donors who generously give each month to IARP. IARP's Partner for Peace team provides a dependable, ongoing source of funding that fuels our unique work. You can become a Partner for Peace by clicking on any ongoing payment option (monthly or weekly) after choosing your desired amount. You will receive our new, beautifully designed MUG (see picture above) as a gift. If you cannot at this time commit to a monthly donation then we, of course, welcome one time donations to our work. 

Why become a Partner for Peace today? 

Reason #1: We provide an artistic platform to Twin Cities-based Iraqis to share their stories. Safe spaces like these are needed now more than ever.  Watch the Iraqi Voices films here:

Reason #2: We facilitate language, personal and professional exchanges in both Minnesota and Iraq.

Reason #3: We directly support humanitarian efforts on the ground in Iraq. In 2016, we partnered with the Critical Needs Support Foundation to distribute hygiene kits and supplies to Iraqis living in IDP camps. Learn more here:

Reason #4:
We expose and share the diverse art and culture of Iraq and Iraqis in order to counter negative stereotypes. Learn more here:

“As Iraqi refugees, we have been through so much and film is a great outlet for us to express ourselves and gives us a cultural platform on which to reach a mainstream American audience. Through art, we can break down stereotypes and directly tell other Americans who we are and why we as new Americans are here.” - Jamal, Iraqi Voices participant

“As an Iraq War veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War I am honored to be able to contribute to the work of IARP… I know I am responsible for contributing to the loss of so much for so many and the least I can do is find ways to take responsibility, demand the US pays reparations, and be grateful for every opportunity to reconcile this tragedy.” -Aaron Hughes, IARP Partner for Peace

OUR MISSION is to promote reconciliation between the people of the United States and Iraq

Iraqis and Americans, veterans and refugees, peace activists and artists, students and professionals, and many others united by our work for reconciliation and a better future.

WE FOCUS on the arts, people to people exchanges, and humanitarian projects.

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