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"I asked her, 'Do you want pro-life information?' She stopped her car next to me, pursed her lips, locked her eyes onto [the handouts]... She rolled her window down. Sheepishly, she smiled at me nodded and said, 'Yes.' Emotion and God’s presence shown in her face as she took my pro-life information. I then asked her, 'Were you here for an abortion? Did you change your mind? Are you keeping your baby? Overwhelmed by emotion she nodded and said, 'Yes.'"

Human Life Alliance has served the pro-life community around the world for more than 45 years by pioneering educational initiatives, working with policymakers, assisting unwed mothers, reaching teens, and saving the lives of young women and their babies—especially young women between the ages 15 and 24 who are in the greatest danger of crisis pregnancies. HLA presents the truth about abortion and supports life-affirming alternatives to infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the so-called “safer-sex” myths to change hearts and save lives every day.

Over the years HLA has established an extraordinary record of service—an unrelenting commitment and dedication to developing respect for all human life. HLA’s goal is to distribute its life-saving materials around the globe to make abortion not just illegal, but unthinkable. Since beginning its printed educational campaigns in 1990, HLA has reached 236.9 million people in all 50 States, 88 different countries, and all seven continents.

HLA seeks to develop a pro-life worldview with the following goals in mind:

  1. Reach students on every campus every year.
  2. Support all pro-life organizations including Pregnancy Centers.
  3. Encourage church pro-life efforts.
  4. Expand global outreach initiatives.

What do people say about HLA's powerful pro-life materials?

“I became pregnant and used your supplement to convince my mother that abortion was not the “easy way out.” I was 21 when I had Isaiah; he was born two days after finals! He is the most wonderful person I've ever met. He's a charming little boy, with bright eyes and a captivating smile. He's teaching me so much about life, happiness, [and growing up]."

“Four pregnant teens, all of them abortion-minded, came to the center as a result of the HLA Supplement, and all of them have decided to carry their babies to term! Ironically, these unwed, pregnant mothers were not college students themselves but all had mothers who had returned to college. In each case, completely unrelated to and independent of the other, it was the mother who read the HLA Supplement and was motivated through it to help her daughter seek alternatives to abortion. Without a doubt, the HLA Supplement should be credited for saving those four babies.”

“I want to personally thank you for this insert. Before I read it, I was pretty much riding the fence on the issue of abortion. I believed it was a woman's right to choose, but I personally would never get one. Now after having read this article through tears, I have a strong opinion. This article really opened my eyes. Thank you very much. Continue educating people in this way, and we may be able to do something about this barbaric practice.”

“I am the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. I was very pleased and a little surprised to see your advertising supplement in every copy of the student newspaper that was distributed on campus last week.  Your pro-life testimonies, reports, personal reflections and expert opinions were powerful, persuasive and convincing. Keep up the good work, and continue to spread the truth about conception, children and the evils of abortion."

“This morning a 21-year old woman came to our Crisis Pregnancy Center for post-abortion counseling as a direct result of your insert in the Bakersfield College campus newspaper. She is a Christian, and was at the time of the abortion, so her conflict and pain are great. We will work with her, and pray that through God's healing process she will find peace. Thank you for your efforts. I thought you should know your efforts are bearing fruit."

"I read your paper and it brought tears as I read the stories of other women who have had an abortion, like me. I guess I was too young to be making such an important decision about my life and the life of my baby, at the age of eighteen. When the doctor told me I did not have to do this (go through with the abortion) I still went ahead anyway. I guess I was just too dumb or just too young thirty-two years ago and I will always want to change what I cannot. I’ve had four pregnancies afterwards, having four beautiful boys. Every year I remind my sons about seeing the face of God, when the nurse handed them to me the next day. I knew then that there was a God that lived. I saw the face of God in the face of my newborn sons."

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