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"Leading in Learning"

“Leading in Learning” is the vision of Houston Public Schools. Over the past few years we have exemplified this vision by earning three silver medal ratings by US News and World Report.  Our mission is to “Discover, Develop and Achieve the Potential within all Learners”. Houston High School cares about each student. We believe each student learns at a different pace and through different means. We are in the beginning stages of customizing learning for each student.


Technology will play a critical roll in this customization process. Great teachers along with seamless technology integration will continue to put Houston High School on the cutting edge of  “Learning”. HHS is poised to start a Hurricane of learning that is “World Class”.


However, part of what holds back great ideas and momentum forward in the public sector is funding tied to innovation ideas. With the dollars earned through this fundraising event, we will use the funds collected to provide our teachers and students with technology that will better help students learn and teachers teach. Please consider a donation of any size.


Thank you for your continued support of Houston High School.

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