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Empowering young teens to realize their full potential through mentoring relationships with caring adults.

Hope for Tomorrow is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Minnesota, founded in 1997 by two women who wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. The mission of Hope for Tomorrow is to empower young teens to realize their full personal and academic potential by reinforcing critical life skills through mentoring relationships with caring adults. Working with middle schools and junior high schools in their communities, these and other women—and later, men—formed an ever-growing number of chapters of Hope for Tomorrow. 

Today there are fifteen girls chapters and six boys chapters in seven different cities, annually pairing mentors with more than 200 local girls and boys that need adult guidance and motivation to help them succeed in high school and beyond. Consider the “ripple effect,” wherein an inspired person unconsciously inspires those around her/him, and just think of how many potential lives have been touched by Hope!

But there are more girls and boys out there who need this program, chapters that need assistance, and more opportunities for Hope to spread. You can choose to donate to an individual chapter in your community under our “Projects” at the bottom of the page, or donate to the organization as a whole to help us spread Hope for Tomorrow to more schools around Minnesota and, ultimately, to other states as well.

The spirit of Hope for Tomorrow is captured in the following affirmation, which the mentees and mentors recite together at each session:

I am a unique and valuable person with my
own special talents, interests, hopes, and dreams.

My journey is my own:
where I have been, where I want to go.

I am responsible for how I travel the road I am on, 
the choices I make, and the paths I take. 

My journey is what I make of  it!


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