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Give to the Max: Protecting Our Traditional Way of Life, Our Water, and Our Future

Give to the Max: Protecting Our Traditional Way of Life, Our Water, and Our Future

We call our home the Northland, and people know exactly what we’re talking about--tall pines, sun-dappled woods, and the cool, clean waters it all revolves around. This is the place called the Land of 10,000 lakes (although according to the Department of Natural Resources, we actually have 11,842 lakes over 10 acres), and it is where we work, play, live, and raise our children. Our children are our future, and traditional Anishinaabe wisdom has taught us to make all our decisions in the way that best protects and preserves our world for those seven generations.

In 1993, Winona LaDuke, along with Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, founded the organization Honor the Earth, which has been dedicated to that very future. Those who are familiar with us know that we have been engaged in opposing pipeline expansion projects in northern Minnesota for quite some time. In 2015, we successfully convinced Enbridge to take their Sandpiper project elsewhere after a lengthy but quiet regulatory battle. Unfortunately, Enbridge, a company responsible for the largest oil spills on U.S. soil, one of which occurred right here in Cohasset, MN, is not done trying to push oil through our pristine and sacred waters. The Line 3 Expansion project is at its height right now in the heart of our 1855 Treaty Territory where we traditionally hunt, fish, and gather. We remain firm in our resolve and hope that our Northland waters will be protected for us all from the highly toxic diluted bitumen product Enbridge wants to transport through our state from Alberta, Canada.

Honor the Earth doesn’t want to just stop the flow of the toxic tar sands oil; We are also working to transition to a future economy that will be clean, healthy, and sustainable. We do our work through coordinating with tribes, building social movements in Minnesota, and advocating for the Rights of Nature. We take part in state regulatory processes, raise community awareness of environmental justice issues, and focus on Indigenous Women’s leadership initiatives. Our sustainability efforts include a fundamental focus on infrastructure development, which consists of installations of solar and wind renewable energy facilities, providing training for solar installation and maintenance, and developing our own program for solar manufacturing in northern Minnesota. Our work also includes divestment campaigns, encouraging people and businesses to invest their money responsibly with financial institutions that don’t support tar sands development.

We believe that investments in the fossil fuel economy can and should be redirected to renewable, green, and sustainable energy systems. Sustainable technologies exist now and are being further developed every day. We explore all these alternatives, including energy efficient construction methods like straw bale home building, use of recycled materials, composting waste systems, off-grid living, and even cutting edge innovations coming in from the world over, like bioluminescent lighting. The billions of dollars invested in the fossil fuel industry could fund the purchase and installation of hundreds of thousands of solar and wind energy systems for homes and businesses across Minnesota, our homeland where we encourage visitors to come and enjoy our natural resources. These are our beautiful lands and waters we must protect, for our economic future and for the health and prosperity of our children and generations to come.

We hope that Minnesota citizens will look to the future along with us and help fund our efforts to create seven generations of prosperity for our children. We are a 501.3.c non-profit organization dedicated to community involvement in defending the sacred.

Chi miigwech to Algin Goodsky for sharing this #StopLine3 song! Learn more about the pipeline we are fighting at StopLine3.org

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