Our mission is to reach the world of hockey, every player, every team, everywhere, with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

For 40 years, we have gone to the arena with a subtle, ice-level approach, interacting with players in informal settings. Our approach is best described by veteran Hockey Ministries team member and Stanley Cup winner, Chico Resch: "Today a church is not only a dwelling or building, but also something much more fluid. Sometimes the church is a rink, locker room, hotel lobby or an encounter that takes place on the ice." We understand that for the people who play, coach, officiate and parent, hockey is more than a sport – it is a culture. It is a community where a theme of “survival of the fittest” often prevails. People can become so consumed with winning at all costs that they struggle for inner peace and purpose beyond the game. And for those players and families that do recognize the importance of peace and significance outside of hockey, the demands of the sport make it difficult to fill that need through consistent worship opportunities. Hockey Ministries has stepped into the gap by bringing much needed spiritual support for those in the world of hockey.

HOCKEY CAMPS: Each summer we host approximately 2000 of hockey's youth at Christian Hockey Camps. World class hockey instruction is presented alongside training in Christian living and values. Each camp, unique to its locale, provides a fun and engaging atmosphere and is a special week of development and learning in the life of each young athlete.

HOCKEY CHAPELS: We conduct chapel programs throughout the hockey season for over 300 teams, across 42 leagues. These interactive sessions provide players with a message, a prayer time and an opportunity to talk about what is going on in their own lives.

EVENTS: We provide a variety of events including: breakfasts, banquets, tournaments and conferences. These events are a great means of encouraging and connecting players, fans and hockey families with current, elite level players and alumni. The Christian message is presented while stories and testimonies of pro players are shared. Some of our outreach programs take place during high profile hockey events including the annual NHL All-Star Game.

RESOURCES: We strive to continually connect with players, families and fans through various channels. We offer daily online content through Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, videos and tips through our Home Ice program. In addition, we release print publications including Hockey New Testaments with testimonies from hockey stars, all available in our Online Store.

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