Hmong Cultural Center provides a Citizenship and ESL classes, Hmong Cultural Arts Classes, and a Hmong History Center and Library.

Formed in 1992 and located in the Little Mekong district on the Green Line LRT at University Avenue near Western Avenue in Frogtown in Saint Paul, MN, Hmong Cultural Center is all about education and promoting community between Hmong and non-Hmong. Hmong Cultural Center serves more than 3,000 persons a year in its programs. Hmong Cultural Center helps Hmong refugees and immigrants integrate into U.S. Society through its long-running ESL and Citizenship classes. Hmong Cultural Center teaches young people Hmong Cultural Traditions including the Qeej musical instrument, Hmong marriage and funeral songs, and Hmong and Lao traditional dances. Hmong Cultural Center provides a unique Hmong History Center and Library open to the public for tour groups, students and scholars seeking to learn about Hmong culture and history. Hmong Cultural Center gives presentations about the Hmong people and Hmong culture to hundreds of non-Hmong and Hmong each year through its Hmong 101 Program.

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The 2016 HCC Fundraising Campaign will support the Qeej and Dance After School Programs at Hmong Cultural Center.

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2016 Fundraising Campaign

Platinum Supporters

Jane Armstrong

Christian Olson

Kamai Xiong

Dr. Maiyia Yang

Gold Supporters

Tim Dornfeld

Colleen Hittle, Suzanne O'Shea and Saul Helman

Gayle Morrison

Katherine Moua

Silver Supporters

Txongpao Lee

Dr. Mark Pfeifer

Gretchen Wronka

Bronze Supporters

Dr. Bruce Downing

Total Raised to Date in the 2016 Hmong Cultural Center Fundraising Campaign = $1,335.00 (10/12/16)

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